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Smashwords book reviews by Julie Cunningham

  • Make a Move on April 19, 2010

    This book is funny, clever and authentic in a way that welcomes you to Paris and buys the first round of margaritas. The story draws you in as you follow the characters along café-lined streets (and a few strip-club-lined ones too) showcasing some of Paris' well-known quartiers and monuments along the way. As Freddy is dragged once again into the realms of spy work, I felt 100% behind him throughout the action. He delivers with dexterity, but always endeavours to maintain his own values and strives to uphold a level of decency despite the actions of those around him. From the moment I was introduced to Freddy's mischievous friend Jay, not only was I smitten with him, but I felt transported into a world of serious entertainment. Jay doesn't shy away from trouble, in fact, he actively encourages it and with the help of his friends, he resolves the tricky situations he finds himself in spectacularly. I was delighted by his many naughty antics, which are described deliciously throughout the book. You feel warmed by the heartfelt friendship between Freddy, Jay and Holly as the story develops. The three friends each have their own demons to face, but they support, encourage and enable each other to accomplish and achieve with sparkle and spirit. I love Make a Move because it gives you a youthful sense of empowerment as its wickedly entertaining storyline unfolds. With powerful visuals, high-energy action and sly, quirky and beautiful characters - this book is crying out to be made into a TV series!