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Joseph Culhane has a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. The study of people and cultures is his favorite area of focus. He especially is interested in cultural issues, in particular, the ones that discriminate against members of society – any society! His current focus is to help equal the balance between women’s liberation and men’s liberation, with the hope that both sexes can be treated equally without a bias towards one or the other.

Joseph is an adventurous man, having raised seven children, working as a City and County Administrator, as well as living in an Amish Community in Tennessee for six years, fully embracing their lifestyle with no electricity, vehicles, motors, or phones. From this experience, his Crooked Creek series was written. Set in a fictional Amish community, it very much resembles the Community he lived in and the people he got to know and love there. The Crooked Creek series, though fiction, examines the struggles of bias and prejudice within the Amish. The focus of the series is being gay within the Amish, but touches on disparities of many kinds which parallel those found in the rest of the “English” world.

Nine books in the Crooked Creek Series are published here on Smashwords:
Book I The Devil Among Us, An Amish Nightmare
Book II New Beginnings
Book III Twilight in the Valley
Book IV Blue Moon Rising
Book V Return to Crooked Creek
Book VI Days of Autumn
Book VII Shadows in the Night
Book VIII A Summer's Farewell
Book IX The Devil Returns

Joseph also worked as a teacher and drug counselor in a prison in Tennessee. Many of his experiences and acquaintances are included in the Crooked Creek series.

Joseph now lives with his partner, Ray, of eleven years and is happily married, and together raised his youngest son, William. Their favorite thing to do is travel to Europe and work on their books together. Joseph's love of his life is his dog, Bud (sorry Ray). Bud's a great Cocker Spaniel whose nickname is Puffy. Sounds odd, but Joseph loves him and doesn't judge him because of his somewhat effeminate nickname.

Joseph plans on writing many more books in the future and welcomes your feedback at

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