Joseph Storm


Joseph Storm resides in the great state of Florida, frequently traveling the American countryside from its cities to its back roads.  Part of his inspiration to write comes from his love of country, absorbing its beauty and its flaws, learning from its strengths and its weaknesses.  

His other inspiration is history, finding rich lessons of life upon its every rise and fall.  He finds wisdom in tracing the roadmap of the future, by looking into  moments of the past.

It’s the combination of those two passions which fuel his novels.  He strives to entertain and inform, though his main goal is to tell a good story, removing the reader from their zones of comfort.  What if the impossible happens?  What if everything we always took for granted, crumbled apart?  Would we fight for our lives when it is much easier to die?  Questions like that allow us to experience such drama, safe from the comforts of a text-filled page, and not from the horrors of living them.  It allows us to learn from those stories in a book, rather than join the many who have faced them in real life. 


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