Josh Karaczewski


Josh lives in the San Francisco Bay Area (which is a catch-all meaning that he doesn't live in any of the cool Bay Area cities), and studied at Westmont College in Santa Barbara (though his degree is not in English).

Josh is a husband (rapturously happy), father (blissfully proud), and teacher (public high school - I know, ouch).

Josh enjoys reading (primarily fiction), writing (obviously), video games (especially shooters and platformers), art (creation and appreciation), film (just appreciation), and travel (9 out of 10 times this means Disneyland).

On his writing, Josh writes literary fiction that doesn't take itself too seriously.


The Writing Submission Schedule Guide 2013
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My Governor's House & other stories
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A collection of writings from author Josh Karaczewski, including the Pushcart Prize nominated titular story. Through mostly short stories, you will meet a homecoming warrior defeated by housework, a lonely debut author impatient for recognition, a son losing a boyfriend because of his mother, the thoughts of someone who falls from great heights to the ground on purpose, and much more.
Alexander Murphy's Home for Wayward Celebrities
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Incorporating song lyrics, articles, and sections of pure dramatic dialogue into its unconventional seriocomic narrative, and with a cast of celebrity characters alternately inspired or imagined, the novel Alexander Murphy’s Home for Wayward Celebrities explores 21st Century celebrity, pop culture, and the creative process with wit and style.

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Smashwords book reviews by Josh Karaczewski

  • ParaDick Sharry on June 22, 2012

    The star of this book is also it's shadow: Jeffra Hays creates a vernacular and the world to go with it that feels both like an authentically realized space, and a confusing one. There were many lost in translation moments that rereading didn't help to clarify, but the unfolding of the plot kept things moving well regardless. Hays creates a world to be experienced, if not always understood - but like visiting a country where you don't know the language has its rewards, so does reading this novel. Playful language, interesting characters, and one of the strangest sex scenes to be encountered in fiction make this an indie book and author worth your attention.
  • Wyrd Worlds II on July 10, 2015

    Another intriguing mix of indie sci-fi and fantasy from the Smashwords community. This anthology has a wide mix of styles and ideas from an international group of writers, and should serve as a jumping off point to encounter more of the writing from the authors you enjoyed. My top three stories were: Humanity was Delicious Horizon A World Taken Over To come to my 4-star rating I just rated each story - excluding the story I have in the book of course - and averaged them out, rounding my 3.82 score up to 4. An uneven read, as all anthologies are. But the price is right, and giving it a read is a good way to discover new authors and support the indie writing community.
  • Wyrd Worlds on July 10, 2015

    I’m sure literary salons still exist in the major cities, where the literati get together and discuss their work in beautifully-lit rooms over drinks and catered treats. If invited to one of these, I would be the guy in the outermost ring of conversation, going back and forth from the buffet table to the bookshelves, listening in, probably not initiating any conversations unless I saw someone like myself pick up a book from the shelves that I had also read. If someone was taking pictures, I would only get in by photobombing it. Instead of physical literary salons to attend, I have Goodreads Groups. I ‘listen’ in on interesting conversations a lot more than I participate, and most of the time I’m reading my ‘friend’s’ reviews, or comparing their read books list to mine. When writers in the Smashwords Authors group began setting up an anthology in the summer of 2013 I managed to storybomb my piece, “Separate Wars on the Same Street” into this anthology. To read some background on my story, go to this blog post []. Reading this anthology is like going to an intimate story reading: it will give you a sense of some of the excellent work being created and published on Smashwords (and elsewhere); wildflower worlds and characters that bloom outside of the influence of mainstream publishing house nurseries. As in all anthologies, choosing favorites is a matter of taste, not quality. So the stories most to my taste in the anthology are: The Qrim Chieftan Antimatter Me The Imaginary Invasion Necromancer