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  • A Story About You on April 26, 2012

    This story is powerful. It throws us into a confrontation with our future self, the future life that we will create for ourself through various choices and decisions. So much in life is focused on the instant gratification and indeed has become the default. The cheese burger instead of the healthy meal and a workout, that new car you can barely afford instead of a used one and a bicycle, a warm bed today instead of remaining single and looking for the right person. It's so easy to forget that you really do have a choice over a lot of what happens to you and the life you end up living. Every moment is an opportunity to turn it all around. Each decision you make for the better will start to build upon itself, creating a positive feedback loop. Likewise, the same is true for each decision you make for the worse. Whenever you're faced with a conscious decision, and they happen hundreds of times a day, there's always an option A and an option B. Option A is the right thing to do while option B is the lazy or easy way to do it. Choose option A and be the curator of your future life. This story forces us to rethink the way we're living our life and to think about our future as a story of our own that we're writing one choice at a time. I had the privilege of having Darren tell us this story in person during one of his powerful University Philosophy classes. He instructed us to close our eyes and he shared the story aloud. It was incredibly moving, literally changing my direction in life and what I ended up doing. I encourage everyone to read this story and, perhaps, read it aloud to your close friends and family, instructing them to close their eyes as you narrate it. Best Wishes, Josh