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Josh Wagner is an American novelist and playwright based primarily in Missoula, Montana. He also writes graphic novels, short stories, and screenplays. His style is heavily influenced by metafiction, folk tales, and magical realism.

Wagner's writing career began somewhere around the age of six when he "paraphrased" the plot from Empire Strikes Back and called it his own. Managing to narrowly avoid copyright litigation, this wake-up call put Josh on the straight and narrow, and he decided to try writing original stories. His first atrocious novels, penned clandestinely during class in Middle School, still live in a box somewhere--hundreds of pages hand written in pencil.

In 2005 Josh quit his job, bought a trailer, grabbed his pup and moved to New Mexico where he lived in the desert working on a novel he will probably never finish. As he hid from the sun and scribbled out absurd ideas on tiny blue notebooks, birds of prey pecked at his crumbs and took flight from approaching coyotes. There the young Wagner talked his ideas over with a cactus and both agreed that artists are required by cosmic law to leap off of a cliff (metaphorical or otherwise) at least once every few years.

His works include three novels ("Periphery Stowe", "Deadwind Sea", "Smashing Laptops"), several stage plays (including "Salep & Silk" and the collection "Bleached Bones"), graphic novels ("Fiction Clemens", "Sky Pirates of Neo Terra"), and a collection of poetry and microfiction ("Laugh Lasts").

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The Adventures of the Imagination of Periphery Stowe
By Josh Wagner
You set the price! Words: 78,230. Language: English. Published: January 5, 2010. Category: Fiction
Back when eternal youth was just something folks were learning to live without, all Riggs Bombay wanted was to find a cure for his hallucinations. Instead he found an ancient storybook, coveted by the secret powers of the world. Now Riggs must dodge the grasp of codgers, villains, and philosophers long enough to deliver the book to the one man in the world who wants nothing to do with it.
Deadwind Sea
By Josh Wagner
You set the price! Words: 60,910. Language: English. Published: January 3, 2010. Category: Fiction
No one could believe their eyes when Sergio, the unluckiest shepherd in the village, married Ivette, the most beautiful woman in Spain. But when Ivette dies six days after their wedding, Sergio embarks on a fantastic voyage across the Western Sea to bring her back from the Land of the Dead.

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