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"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." --Ernest Hemingway

9/8/17 9/8/17 All of my books are now on Amazon and KDP Select exclusively. I will be posting a week of free book downloads for both the Blue Dawn and the Blue Series on Amazon, so stay tuned in for the dates.

7/2/17 Blue Dawn Part 2 will be published and available FREE on July 4th. I will be having both Blue Dawn books FREE for a limited time, while the rest of the Blue Series remains on Amazon.

This is a HUGE book, 653 pages to be exact, and the last book. I am planning on writing a separate, standalone book on another story in the next few months.

Blue Dawn Part 2 begins right in the middle of Chapter 26 in Blue Dawn Part 1, so please familiarize yourselves with the end of Part 1 before embarking on Part 2. There is ALOT of sex in this last book, M/M, so if that offends or bothers any of you, please do not read it. I write freely and openly, so if you read it and feel offended, you have been warned here beforehand.

The sex certainly doesn't define the plot, but after editing the document three times, I will admit, it's more sexually intense. The only book in my series that compares to it is Volume 6, True Blue, and I know for a fact that that particular book turned off a lot of readers. Vol 6 is what it is though, and I'm still proud of it, just like I'm super proud of this last book!

I hope you enjoy Blue Dawn Part 2. It was fun to write, took me 13 months to both compose and edit it, and in 2 days, it will be yours.
Clarification: The book starts in the middle of Chapter 26 in Blue Dawn Part 1. The scene begins with Dillon, Joel, and Sarin. All of them are in the water at Oceanside Beach. So when you reread ch 26 to prepare, focus on the section describing Joel and Sarin fighting in the water soon after David gets taken to Heaven.

8/18/15 Hello Everyone,
I wanted to let all potential readers of The Blue Series know (hopefully before they read a book of mine), a few important points before deciding to embark on my story.
First: My entire series deals with God and humanity. He is an interwoven theme in the books, more so towards the end in Vol 7 and 8, but nonetheless, God is a very important character in my series. With that said, if you do not feel comfortable reading about my version of Him, please do not read my series. Good versus evil is a major play between some of my characters therefore, God has to be involved.
Secondly, My books are listed as dark fantasy, but I've also listed them in the LGBT section because there is both straight and gay sex in my series. Book 1 and 2, not so much, but it does heat up as the series goes along, however this series is NOT gay or straight erotica. If that is what you are all looking for, there are PLENTY of books out there to choose from.
And speaking of sex, my main characters start out as teenagers, and yes, they are placed in adult situations. They grow up in this series, which is why the first two books are limited in terms of the sexual content. If this makes you uncomfortable, please do not read the series.
Lastly, there is bondage, rape, sexual violence, regular violence, profanity, and dark themes in this series. You may not see much in Volume 1, but trust me, it is dark. Please do not read this series if any of that offends you.
I hope you all enjoy my series. It does not preach Christianity. I am not a Christian in that sense of the word. I do believe in God and feel very comfortable writing about Him.
Take care and happy reading,

Josephine Dillon

Bio: The story for The Blue Series was first created in my head as a teenager growing up in Oceanside, California during the mid-eighties.

After graduating from SDSU as a registered nurse, I married, had two children, and raised a family after relocating to Boise, Idaho where I currently reside.

After so many years had passed, one day I decided to write a single page of the story. It then turned into a novel. Not realizing the story was so big, I wrote a second Volume. Forced to split Volume 2 into two parts due to its size, I continued to write Volumes 3 and 4 during the years 2006 through 2009, but the story still wasn't finished. After taking a break, I wrote Volumes 5 through 8 in the last two years, completing the series in late 2014.

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    This was a very entertaining story! I read it on a plane from San Francisco to Raleigh surrounded by crying babies and it saved me! I loved the premise, enjoyed the imagery and the attention to detail Katrina adds to the background to give the reader an accurate picture of each scene. The characters Bette and Phillip are likeable, and the ending, perfect. A great read!
  • Reaper on April 17, 2013

    LOVED THIS BOOK! It's set up for a perfect sequel and griping til the very end. Brea Nicole Bond does an amazing job creating suspense throughout this story. It's been awhile since I've sat down to just read a book and not write, edit, proofread fifty times, etc, and I have to say, Reaper was a thrill, now one of my favorites. If you love to read about dark fantasy mixed with urban reality, read this book.