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Joyce Harmon has been from one side of the galaxy to the other (slight exaggeration) and seen a lot of strange stuff (very true). Since retiring from the Navy, she has worked as a winery tour guide, a journalist for a local newspaper, selling collectibles on eBay, and making candles - and always, always, a writer. She shares her rural Virginia home with two haughty and indolent cats and one clever, busy dog, and is haunted by a noisy crowd of characters, all clamoring to be written down and set loose into the world. She accommodates them as quickly as she can. She is the author of the Passatonnack Winery mysteries, Died On The Vine and Bidding On Death. A Feather To Fly With is her first Regency romance, and she is currently working on a sequel.
Joyce blogs occasionally at , mostly about her dog.

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