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Let me introduce myself, I’m JP or Jayne. I’m a lady of a certain age (cough, cough over 50 but I embrace my inner child often). I’m an identical twin and I was born in the Isle of Man; this makes me Manx (not British or English). I’ve lived in several places over the years but I returned to the island 1998. I love the sea and now it’s only a stone’s throw from my home.

I quit my nursing career recently to follow my dream to write full time. I published my first book in 2018 and since then I’ve managed to publish further twenty-plus books. I gave myself a 12 book challenge for 2020, and I’ve written 14 so far!!

My island is steeped in folklore and I have used some of this in my writing, particularly the Manx Cat Guardian Series, it’s paranormal with a twist. But I’m an eclectic girl and I’ve spread my wings a little. The tropes vary from Daddy Kink, BDSM, age gap, Billionaire romance, Smalltown friendships, friends to lovers, out for you, sweet romance, they all have a little angst (or a lot). I tend to write in series (shakes head). The list is below!
Manx Cat Guardians
The App
The Flamingo Bar
Billionaire Playground
La Trattoria Di Amore
Dark River Stone Collective
The Playroom
Potter Creek
(The app and flamingo bar are connected, as in the boys get a book in the app and their conclusion in the flamingo bar series)

Writing has unleashed a beast in my mind and now I can’t switch it off. So with that, I now have to try and keep my unruly boys in check while they vie for my attention, and currently, it’s who shouts the loudest. But, I’m okay with that now that I have the time to let the words flow!

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