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After writing feature articles in magazines, newspapers, and online magazines for over fifteen years, J.Q. Rose entered the world of fiction with her published mysteries, Sunshine Boulevard and Coda to Murder, released by Muse It Up Publishing. With Girls Succeed she returns to her first love, writing about real people. Blogging, photography, Pegs and Jokers board game, and travel keep her out of trouble most of the time. Spending winters in Florida with her husband allows Janet the opportunity to enjoy the life of a snowbird. Summer finds her up north camping and hunting toads, frogs, and salamanders with her four grandsons and granddaughter.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I began writing stories in second grade. In our small school, my mother was my second grade teacher. Because I was a talker and loved to visit with my schoolmates when I was finished with my work, (and I was usually the first one done with assignments,) I would get into trouble for talking. I began writing stories to keep myself out of trouble with my mom(teacher). I loved writing the stories creating the characters and fun situations that swirled in my brain. I especially enjoyed sharing the stories with my classmates and watching them smile and laugh when I read my writing to them. That's when I got hooked on writing!
What is your writing process?
I imagine you have heard of writers being a "pantser" or a planner. A pantser is a writer who creates the story as she writes, by the :seat-of-her-pants" style. My fiction stories develop through a very loose outline with scene ideas from the beginning to the end of the book. But I leave myself a lot of wiggle room. It's not often that the ending is ever the same as what I imagined when I began the story. Girls Succeed! is a non-fiction book made up of interviews of successful women who inspire girls to dream big. The structure of the stories is determined by the answers I receive from the women about their careers and life stories. The non-fiction writing process deals with facts, but fiction is made up of whatever swirls through the writer's brain. I enjoy writing both.
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