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John R. Hernandez studied for four years at Rutgers University in New Jersey as a communications major where he began to fine tune the European Spaniard romanticist and Caribbean heritage of his earlier ancestors. The son of a broken marriage, he walked through life with a deep gash in his heart that later came to be relived in his own life experiences and relationships. If you take anything from this man and this book, it should be that he arose above all the failures and negative spears that life threw at him and so can you. And this book is exactly the thing one needs to get a real life view at how to express oneself in a lighter more positive way through the use of prose; instead of lashing out at the world whenever we are pushed against the wall of indifference and cast down and rejected. This book is not just only his special collection of prose but, it also reveals to us that there is always hope if you believe in yourself and have the faith to rise above the worst that life can throw at us. Sometimes, life can get the best of us when bad things happen and while some decide to withdraw or even to rebel; still others choose to shine. To bring to light that inner masterpiece hidden and waiting for the light of a new dawn to help enlighten us, with their unique wisdom. John R Hernandez, Jr. chose to tell the world what is in his heart, not something easily revealed. Yet, for this master of romantic prose it came easy to unravel the confining weeds that often tear us apart and refuse to let us breathe and rise from the ashes of our own individual failures. The book is a poetic expression taken from a lifetime of experiences, relationships and heartbreaks, which, have helped to spark the roots that have come to be known as In The Birth Of A New Dawn. The secret to this title is about going from the eve of heartbreak and loss -which many of us eventually must face if we are human- to facing the blinding light of reality and a new day. Its one man’s fearless English and Spanish compilation of prose that will help others close the door to the storms that rage on in the past. It is about learning to take the first steps to turning the page towards the next chapter of life, courageously. New dawn is about realizing that only you can change tomorrow.

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In the Birth of a New Dawn
Price: $18.95 $9.47 USD. (50% off until May 31!) Words: 8,560. Language: English. Published: January 22, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Spanish Poetry, Fiction » Poetry » American poetry
This book is an ad-hoc English and Spanish compilation of romantic prose written without the benefit of expensive language software. Yet, it is the one of the most beautiful collection of prose from a poor and unknown true master of the art; who has the Spanish blood of romanticism flowing through him.

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