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I was born in Germany on a U.S. military base and then moved to America before I was one year old. Up until fifth grade my family traveled quite extensively around the U.S. until finally settling in Southern California where I finished elementary school and high school.
After high school, I worked for a few years at a corporate office job as an auditor and manager until I realized I wanted adventure. I packed up a duffel bag and ventured out into the world. I spent several years hitchhiking around the country, stopping when I found a town I liked. Often I would spend an extended amount of time in a town that I deemed worthy of exploring more of internally and work a tolerable job.This is the topic of my first nonfiction book that I'm currently working on.
Now, I am 33 and married with a daughter. I have self-published my debut novel, "Clouds of Tyranny," through Amazon. I am currently in the process of working on three additional novels. I'm available for freelance writing work on a variety of topics, just explore the site further. Thanks for reading.

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