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  • Hampton Road on Aug. 19, 2011

    Hampton Road is psychological thriller that will keep you flipping the pages. The story explores the lives of three characters from different sides of the tracks and what happens when their ambitions and dreams collide. This incredible novel introduces you to a host of amazing and memorable characters. The three principal ones are: Billy, a high school dropout/professional motorcycle racer; his best friend Charlie, a college bound, lovestruck teenager; and Praxy, a beautiful, bright high school student whose tortured heart must decide between the two of them. The mystery to the tragedy that impacts their lives is revealed one dark night on Hampton Road where a mind altering incident occurs that will keep you enthralled until the last page of the novel. The rich figurative language used in this artful work of fiction helps you appreciate the internal struggle of a psychologically scarred young man on a quest to find out a terrible mystery about himself that will either save him or destroy him. In this fast paced novel, the author, an ex-professional motorcycle racer himself, reveals his keen knowledge of motorcycle racing and thrills you with the dangers of this exciting sport. Also not to be forgotten, are the numerous comic scenes that will leave you belly-aching. These humorous scenes are dramatically balanced against the suspenseful elements that run like a golden thread through this wonderful mystery novel. In all, Hampton Road will engross you from the very first page to the last. (reviewed the day of purchase)