Jon Tolins


Hand and King is my first work of fiction, although in my previous career in academic medicine at the University of Minnesota, I published many articles and textbook chapters in the medical literature. For Hand and King I worked with my step-son, Andrei Bergthold, a 20 year old chess savant. Andrei provided much needed expertise in chess in general and "The Game of the Century" in particular. The concept for Hand and King was developed two years ago, over dinner (and perhaps too many glasses of wine) in a neighborhood Italian restaurant.

I am a physician, specializing in Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Critical Care; practicing in the Twin Cities Metro Area. When not working, I spend much of my time at the stable. I ride and compete in Hunters and Jumpers. My current horse is a wild and powerful thoroughbred named Homer. On a good day I don't end up face down in the arena sand!


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