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Smashwords book reviews by judy72

  • Sample Personal Development Plan and Workbook on July 13, 2011

    “The Sample Personal Development Plan” by Jerry Lopper takes the reader on a journey that begins with an excellent tool for self assessment, and continues though a comprehensive plan that shows how to maximize one’s strengths for a happier and more fulfilling life. The Plan focuses on strengths, not weaknesses. With a refreshing simplicity it shows in detail how to make one’s ongoing personal growth and development as uncomplicated and as effective as possible. The author also recommends some of the best of other books available on specific aspects of this subject for anyone who might be interested. I highly recommend this workbook to anyone who cherishes continued personal growth and development, and the happiness and fulfillment it can bring.
  • What Is Life All About? How Do I Find My Purpose? 12 Paths To Find The Meaning Of Life on July 24, 2012
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    This book is a keeper. I’ve read many self-help books that make claims they don’t live up to. This one lives up to all its promises, if one is serious about learning more about one’s life purpose and meaning. I was amazed that reading it led me into as much depth as I could muster up. I loved it. I became very involved with the suggestions in it, and had some surprising and personally rewarding experiences. The paths are simple, unique and creative. Each one took as much thought as I was willing to give it. The book is a treasure I’ll return to whenever I feel I’m losing my way or need a new challenge.