Judy Leslie


I was born into an eccentric family of dreamers in Southern California. My father was a photographer, artist, and tap dancer who enjoyed old radios and model trains. My Irish mother was a glamour want-to-be who lounged around in silk pajamas dreaming of being “discovered” by Hollywood. I went to Catholic school until my parents divorced (I was 8 years old at the time). My childhood was propelled through a revolving door of entertainers, artists, interior designers, foodies, and minor celebrities until my mother married again 6 years later. This time she married an intellectual who gave me books to read and taught me to explore ideas. At the age of 20, I purchased an Antique shop in a historic town and immersed myself in the pursuit of knowledge of old things. I soon found that my customers bought my stories and took the old relics home so they could repeat the legend to their friends. So, it only made sense that I would end up writing historical fiction. Over the years I have taken many creative writing classes and studied both literary and popular fiction. For The Love of Ireland grew out of research about the Irish in Chicago during the late 1800s and is my first published novel.

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