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  • Silenced on Dec. 17, 2012

    I was excited to read this book as it was given to me for an honest review, and I could tell by reading about the book that I have not read anything else like it before. I was not disappointed after I got into the book. Amber's journey starts out with a move to a new home, learning that a truth she has known all her life turns out to be a lie, she starts cutting herself for release. Everything that she feels as a reader I could feel, the descriptions of the scenes in the book were amazingly well written. As I took the journey through Amber's eyes, I wanted to know more about her, about her life in general and more about the lie she's lived with all her life. Finding out the truth at a time when she did, caused Amber to spiral down into the darkness, depression sets in and she starts cutting for release. At this point I wanted to reach into the story and help her as I would with anyone whom I know in real life. She becomes friends with a few from her new school and things start to look up for Amber, her friend Casey is like a new sister to her. She also meets Landon and hits it off pretty well, he turns out to be her rock, something she can look forward too and this helps her to keep from cutting so much. The author ends on a note that has me curious, wondering what is to come and wanting to know more. I can't help it author's all have a tendency to do this to readers, some more than others. As I finished Silenced (Silenced Series) all I kept thinking about is what's next, I want to read on. And that my dear readers is what every reader wants in a book, any book they read.
  • Yadira on Oct. 01, 2013

    I really like the title of this book. The girls names, Gail and Abiram were easy for me to say. Both the story and the characters were very funny. I laughed a lot while reading this book. One of my favorite parts in the story is how Gail and Abiram got home. It was also funny how the two got confused. I would recommend this book to other children my age. If the author would continue the story I would want the next book. - Abbigail - 9 Yrs.
  • Promises In The Dark on Feb. 13, 2014

    Oh my goodness! This book had me captivated from the beginning, the suspense and the unanswered questions had me turning the pages. The characters were so real to me and the story line was great! The mystery of the unknown drew me in while the bond between the characters had me wrapped up and feeling every emotion the characters had throughout the story. I actually teared up twice with uncontrolled emotions, the characters seemed to come to life and the connection they had was powerful! Rachel finds herself in the midst of her best friend, Jan's upcoming wedding as the 'Maid of Honor' but if that is not bad enough Jan's trying to set her up on a blind date with her fiance's 'Best Man', Derek. Both want to back out of their dinner date with their friends, unsure of meeting someone new after everything they have been through recently. Each trying to get their friends to fess up and quite lying to them about it being just a casual dinner meeting with no such luck. Forces beyond their control fall into place prior to the dinner date both Rachel and Derek dread attending and they miss their chance to back out on their friends. Upon entering the restaurant late, Rachel completely embarrasses herself when she runs into Derek for the first time. Derek on the other hand is so captivated by Rachel and how she hangs on his every word throughout the evening, he cannot get the thought of her out of his head all night. During the next few months of helping their best friends plan their wedding, the rehearsals they have to attend and the dinner dates to discuss details, Rachel and Derek become close as friends. They begin to spend more and more time together, surprising both of them how comfortable they feel around each other. Jan and Ken only wanted them to become friends after all, little did they know their friends had set their fate into motion from the very beginning. While both Rachel and Derek have mysterious pasts lives, encounters that have no explanations, they find comfort in each other, the pieces start to fall into place and their deepest secrets start to unravel over time. Opening up to each other more and more and finding out the truths of their past together. While Rachel and Derek know that their chance meeting was arranged by their best friends, they did not know it would end up changing both their lives forever. I cannot wait to find out what the author has in store for me in her next installment in her 'Secrets of the Mystic' series. The ending to Promises In The Dark completely blew me away. Once you star there's no turning back, the questions build as the answers start to trickle in you find yourself wanting to know more and how the story ends.
  • The Mystic Wolves on April 16, 2014

    Hot Hot Hot! There is nothing better than being wrapped up under the blankets, in bed curled up with a book that makes you wanna curl your toes. I got so caught up in Mason and Darcy's story that even some of the more touching scenes caused me to tear up, breaking my heart. Darcy's has an air about her, her independence something she clings to when she needs some girl time away. Mason had me from the beginning with his charm and sweetness. Is there anything hotter than an Alpha in a Wolf Pack anyways? I don't think so... How do you expect to keep your mate on his toes if you don't bid your time and push his buttons when no one or everyone is looking? That's exactly what Darcy does to Mason early on in the story, whether it be alone or around their pack. And boy does he ever punish her for causing strife among the rest of his pack. Mason being the Alpha cannot have Darcy pushing his buttons and causing him to look weak around the others. But punishment is not all that Mason gives to Darcy - she asked for it though and he intends to punish her real good. Oh how I'd love to push Mason's buttons myself...punishment be damned! When a tragic accident takes the pack by surprise, it's up to Mason to be strong, even though his loss is great, his pack needs him more. Taking care of Darcy is all he knows how to do because there is no way he can show his grief, heartache and pain in front of her or his pack. Someone is playing with fire, and it's called The Mystic Wolves... When Mason and Darcy begin to put the pieces together it's not what they think, or who they expected but much, much worse. Out for revenge, Mason takes his chances because turning back could mean the loss of yet another one he loves...and he's can't let that happen, not to his one and only mate, Darcy.