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Smashwords book reviews by julianna streba

  • DeniseZen on Nov. 28, 2011

    I loved this book, perhaps a tad because I am from Makanda originally. It was a delight to read a book as fun and fast paced as this which begins in Southern Illinois and SIU. Loved the characters, the visitors, the story, and the twists and turns. It is all very believable and wild. I will say no more (don't want to give anything away). Can't wait for their next adventure which I hear is in the works.
  • Coventina on April 24, 2012

    Well, Jamie Antonia has done it again. As in DeniseZen, this story starts out in Makanda Illinois, and takes Denise and Layla on an wild and horrific trek across much of Western Europe and parts of America, and all for love. This is quite simply a magnificently executed love story that spans 2000 years in a fortnight. There was so much to take in reading this amazing tale I shall dive right back into it, and do so gladly, for a second read. A wonderful, believable, exciting, action packed crazy ride again, and all for love. Treat yourself and pick up a copy. Bravissimo.