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Brae Lynne is nine years old and lives with her parents, her younger brother, Brody, their Bernese Mountain Dog, Kaiser, who thinks he’s a lap dog, a long-haired orange tabby fluff-ball, Carrot, who is the neighbourhood socialite, and a fat black and white feline, Georgie. Her favourite animals are dogs, owls, sea otters, baby harp seals, and turtles. Her favourite colour is green. She loves to play piano.

This is her first book, but she intends on writing more. A proceed of her sales will be donated to an animal shelter in her home town to support the care of needy animals.

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Little Book Of Dogs
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 420. Language: English. Published: June 6, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » General reference » Trivia, Nonfiction » Children's Books » Animals / Dogs
Brae Lynne is nine years old and loves dogs.This is her book.

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    A truly, entertaining tale of a child's struggle with being "different". Her tenacious nature is revealed as she deals with school bullies. This story has a strong message for all kids, but the writer's use of humour through the introduction of a dysfunctional fairy, makes this an entertaining story sure to keep kids laughing. The writer is very talented and her writing is brilliant.
  • Star-Crossed Rascals on Sep. 08, 2011

    I bought this book for my grandaughter. She loves it. I could stop the review right here because that says it all. I'm sure we can all relate on some level to this story about two childhood friends who get into trouble all the time when thinking back on our own childhoods. Just as these two adventurous, mischievious girls appear to go over the line, something funny happens, creating an amusing and entertaining tale. My grandaughter is only seven, but advanced in reading and an avid reader. She carries this book with her and reads it over and over in bed before she falls asleep. I just bought her Patricia Puddle's newest release, "Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot". My grandaughter can't wait to read it. Kudos to the writer. Not only does she reach kids on their level, she has great comedic timing that make her children's stories unique.
  • Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot on Sep. 08, 2011

    I loved this book. I bought it for my grandaughter who is seven. She had already read Star Crossed Rascals by the same author and wanted this book too. She wants more of Patricia Puddle's books. A story of a little girls passion and love for animals and the lessons she must learn about rescuing animals meant to live in the wild. She fights for her beliefs as well as learning how cruel nature can be. A great story for children and adults. It is full of humorous incidents and moments of sadness. Once again the author connects with children on their level. She gets them. I recommend this book to all.
  • Rascals Sing at The Opera House on Nov. 01, 2011

    They're back! That mischievious, adventurous, what-can-we-get-into-now duo! Once again Polly and Gertie entertain with the same enthusiastic, pushed to the limits behaviour. Their antics in this story will have kids and fans gut laughing and don't children love to gut laugh. This time, Polly's dog, Mange gets into the action. Aunt Mabel returns and is as disagreeable as ever. Her cooking skills haven't improved either. Polly and Gertie take their friendship and troublemaking to a whole new level. Fans won't be disappointed. Patricia Puddle has a unique gift that reaches children's minds and funny bone. Kudos to the author.
  • Velvet Ball and The Broken fairy on Dec. 13, 2011

    I left a review for this great story but forgot to rater it, so here it is. My granddaughter reads this book over and over. A great Christmas gift for a child.