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I invite you all to come visit me. To reach my dungeon you have to drive to edge of nowhere, climb a very steep hill, make it past two extremely large, extremely rambunctious dogs, and traverse the obstacle course created by a magical cat who ALWAYS anticipates your next move and transports himself right where your foot will go. It will help, too, if you bring coffee (I'm an addict) and maybe some cookies (I have no shame when it comes to cookies--the dogs like them, too, FYI). When you get here we can talk about ebooks (I am the ebook Obsessanator--seriously, look it up on Google) or favorite authors (I have a million of them) or beads (I have a million of those, too) or kids (five, which in Mom-parlance is a horde). Oh my, if you're getting the idea that I tend to... over-do things a bit, well you might be right. I live by my motto: "How hard can it be?" Which tends to get me into trouble more often than not. But hey, life's too short to worry about a few messes, right?

If you like my stories, feel free to drop by my one of my blogs and say hello. (Just don't ask about my former career as a spy--I'm really not supposed to talk about that.)

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