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  • Ms Patriot: Mobster's Milk Cow on Oct. 06, 2018

    Superheroine peril at its best. This story contains Lezdom, Male on female, breast growth, gang bang, de powering, dehumanising, humiliation, milking from breasts with machines and unmasking. Despite the cover would have you believe the main villain is female. In this tale the crime boss Erica has set her sights on ridding the city of its superheroine population and to put them too good work for her. Whereas this normally takes the form of prostitution not this time. A far more erotic plan has been concocted. Erica present the Superheroine farm, she has the defeated heroes forced to believe they are nothing but dumb cows forced to roam her farm grassland and being milked for their valuable milk. The said milk is used to create a powerful drug which sells for more than any other on the black market. In comes Ms Patriot, who upon learning of her friends disappearance vows to make Erica pay and free them. This was a fantastic highly erotic tale filled with sex and humiliation of virtuous heroes. Yet the hope for their victory was always dangled ahead. The dehumanising of the heroines goes into great detail in how they are broken down. I very much enjoyed Erica as a villain as she roams her farm and looks over an empty cage where she one day hopes to have Ms Patriot join her defeated comrades as the latest human cow in her farm. She is cruel and vindictive taking great delight in the awful things she does. Ms Patriot gets increasingly desperate to find her friends getting more reckless and dangerous until the final long drawn out showdown occurs. I believe the ending was absolutely perfect.
  • Lone Star: Subjugation on Oct. 11, 2018

    An erotic tale of Superheroine peril. This book contains F/F, M/F, BDSM, humiliation, milking, slavery. Lone Star is a twelve year veteran contemplating retirement from her busy work. She is introduced as a harsh Heroine who gladly makes the worst kind of criminals suffer before she hands them over to the police. She begins this adventure by interviewing a shy new Meta human, this quickly leads into a suprise by the villain and a short erotic adventure emerges. The Villain of this story is Lady Lactose, a modern vampire with the erotic twist of her sucking the milk from women to gain their powers. The scenes of the story are well told and as its such a short novel the pacing is fine. I had a few problems with the story. The first part of the story is rather exposition heavy, going over quickly the history of Superheroines, than it jumps into how Lone Stars powers work rather than let the story naturally explain it by seeing it in action. There is some foreshadowing in the start which was a nice touch to the books conclusion yet could have been inserted a bit more subtly. The villain also has a very petty motive, ‘The world hates me so I hate the world.’ My final gripe is that I wish there was more to the epilogue as a very short story just getting a little bit more into the ending would of made this story more enjoyable. Overall its a very short story with fun ideas. A good erotic peril but not Don Ships best work.
  • Ms Amazing: Vigilante Justice (Synne City Super Heroine in Peril) on Oct. 16, 2018

    This is a super heroine erotic book with many adult themes such as, M/F, F/F, humiliation, gang bang, bondage, skimpy clothing details and drug induced sex. This book is the first in a series as such it sets up a lot of ground work for how the world works. This takes the form of the main character taking in a new sidekick and explaining to her the powers and world of super heroines. There is exposition but its rather spaced out over the course of the book. And there are plenty of scenes of sex. To put it simply this book is fantasy porn. Because time is taken to world build the plot is very simple. The main character Ms Amazing is attacked in both her heroine guise and threatens to lose her company in a hostile take over in her civilian guise as Barbara. The heroine parts work fine for what it is, a start to a series, villains are introduced and the city is explored but the civilian parts are rushed and in fact are resolved with very little effort from the heroine. The hostile take over that was building up is suddenly dropped and all is well. There are plenty of sex, capture, bondage and escape scenes. These scenes are well described without going overboard with the details, a good variety of locations. The reason for the sex however is always the same, a hyper drug called bliss. As a start to a series it does make me wonder what else may happen. Yet I hope for more in the sequels. More focus on how she out wits her opponents rather than getting lucky.
  • Ms Patriot: Booty Call on Nov. 16, 2018

    This story contains, M/F, F/F, humiliation, slavery, lactation and unmasking. Ahoy A high flying adventure, literally this time. This story contains a new threat to Grimme city in the form of a flying old timely pirate ship and its horrid crew of slavers. Captain Jack leads the slavers along side his trusted first mate Rachael Red who is never afraid to fight the heroines dirty. By far one of the longer stories of superheroine peril that length is well used as the story may focus on one superheroine Ms Patriot it involves every heroine in Grimme city as they fight for their city.. The story has battles in the sky aboard the ship, fights down in the street as the pirates attempt to raid and flee. On the downside most of the heroines in the story don’t get much depth to them they exist and are used a little before being forgotten. Sometimes the back and forth can get tedious for some of the heroes, they fight the pirates escape and so on yet it all ends into a satisfying conclusion. A great read if your feeling in the need for some sexy woman being put in danger and fighting for their own freedom.
  • Justice Girl: Crusher on March 20, 2019

    This story contains, M/F, F/F, NC, Humiliation, Slavery and plenty of fighting. Justice Girl and her friend Zephyr working together to save Ocean city. Both heroes have natural powers being able to use them at will, this is a fun contrast to the villains who use tech based powers and have to remain hidden and on the run. The villains are a trio causing havoc with their stolen military technology, allowing them to overpower police but not superheroines. Their goal is to get rich and get out. Crusher is the clear leader of the villains but his hench women get plenty of screen time and have personality's that bounce of each other well. A rather lengthy story, both sides try multiple attempts to take down the other. The fights are imaginative, with blows coming through high speed chases, far above the city and always ending with a sexual encounter.
  • Guardienne: Called to Serve on Aug. 24, 2019

    This erotic story of Superheroine peril involves, M/F, F/F, blackmail, humiliation and plenty of fighting. This is the twenty second book in the Synne city series however it's perfectly fine to jump in on any book in the series and get an idea of what's happening. Synne city has lost a Heroine permanently Glory Gal, who has been effectively taken out of commission and as such now has three new women ready who feel the 'call to serve'. The main focus is on Guardienne whom is Mayor of Synne city by day and sexy crime fighter by night, she has two adult daughters who also inherited her Valkyrie genes. Guardienne is faced with blackmail problems in her civilian life as mobsters take advantage of her and have her at their beck and call. All the while her secret Heroine life tries to break their strings around her. It's a fun sexy adventure with plenty of Super Heroines. Like most in this series the actions and consequences of this adventure bleed over to the next book which makes it an appealing series to get into. I found it well paced and a very good length for the cost. If you are a Superheroine in peril fan that wants a series of adventures there really is no better series.
  • Ms Patriot: Undercover on Oct. 07, 2019

    A long erotic tale of Superheroine peril. The theme is blackmail how giving a little just results in giving more and more. Our villain of the book is Erica a mob boss who is eager to use what little she has to tie the protagnist to her and force to loss more of her freedom each day.
  • Ms Amazing: Collateral Damage on Dec. 11, 2019

    This erotic story of Superheroine peril involves, M/F, F/F, corruption, humiliation, unmasking and plenty of fighting. Ms Amazing is in the fight for her life as she takes on the Russian Mafia as both sides race to discover the identity of the other. This is a late entry in a long series, it is possible to read this and enjoy some Superheroine Peril erotic action (there's a lot) but the real treat is knowing how the consquences of previous stories affect this one.
  • Guardienne: Breaking Bad on Jan. 22, 2020

    Evil vs Evil. This eroitca tale focus on Superheroines, blackmail and brainwashing. A story of Superheroines being used as pawns by evil corrupt people trying to gain more power. Guardienne is being blackmailed into giving more and more of her life to Armand and his cruel wife Sylvia. Armand enjoys having his own pet Superheroine at his beck and call and plans to use her to further his hold on the city. Meanwhile the Mafia see this as the time to take out Armand with thier own brainwashed Heroines. The former Ms Amazing and her side kick. The two powers collide in this eroitc tale of superheroine peril.
  • Penal Colony Nine: Book1 - The Warden on March 17, 2021

    Dystopia is Kinky. Well imagine my surprise to see the author name pop up. I haven't seen them since 2012 when BDSM library was still alive. The author always stood out as not only were their stories kinky they were very well written, years later I see this has not changed. This is the start of what is sure to be an long story of bondage and humiliation. We are introduced to our cast of characters both tormentors and the tormented. Witness the abuse of power half the cast has over the other. The setting as the title suggest is a penal colonly of the distnat fture 2021, where the prisoners have no rights and the staff may do as they please, and it pleases them very much to torment thier helpless victims. There is plenty of sexual action but I find the imagnitive ways the prison staff come up with to make the inmates more miserable. I shall be visiting this author again soon hungry for more.
  • Fap to Heroines Presents Archbaroness on Jan. 21, 2022

    A short erotica that does the job. At only 8,000 words you can get through this story quickly. It focus is on humiliation and blackmail of a powerful superheroine. There is enougth here for a satisfying introduction and meaty erotica scene as she is used. It ends with hints of more to come. A good quick story.
  • Lady Wrath: Doomsday on May 04, 2023

    Finanly got around to reading and it was a delight. For fans of Superheroine peril this one contains bdsm, blackmail, unmasking, ponyplay. The longest one in the seires but worth the read. This one is split into sevral perpectives. The members Superheroine Corp and Lady Wrath as both groups plan tp finaly be rid of the other. the book does a great job of going back and forth, both sides must react to the other and suffer setbacks. With the final promising to forever shake up the series forever.
  • Nightwhisper's Nightmare on Sep. 27, 2023

    Superheroine Lesbian peril. This was a well written lengthly erotic novel. The main character is likeable and has a fun personality, we see her in her heroine life and her more submissive side as she is lured into depraved acts. Her ally Golden Glory who she has feelings for joins her on this adventure. I have no complaints it was a great read.
  • Servants of the Futa Goddess on Nov. 08, 2023

    A mix of fetishs make this a very erotic fantasy tale full of lesbian and Futa action.