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  • A Story About You on April 26, 2012

    It's difficult to say what reading this story means. It's even more difficult to express what this story does to you - and yes, I mean you. As silly as it seems, this story is most *definitely* for you. It is important read A Story About You. There's no way around it. It's curious and piercing and eye-opening and altogether *necessary*, in my opinion. I think you'll feel the same way, once you get that sensation in the center of your chest that I have: the buzzy, expanding, almost-but-not-quite worried feeling that begs you to address it as soon as possible. It's almost like this story is on a mission, and it's shockingly good at achieving its goal. When I think of this story, I think "This story isn't just some sad attempt to change your life. This story WILL change your life, and it does it flawlessly, succinctly, and immediately." And that's why you have to read it. You have to know.