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Kadian Thomas is the author of the, Light in the Dark Young Adult trilogy series. Her debut novel Sparks Fly is set to be released in 2017, (June 21st), Lightning and Fire (DATE TBA), and A Flash of Darkness (DATE TBA). Kadian has been living in Mount Vernon, New York for the past five years, but grew up in Jamaica.

Growing up in an inner-city community in Kingston, Jamaica, Kadian lived a sheltered life. She turned to books for entertainment and became an avid reader at an early age, reading all genres of books including romance and fantasy. Kadian started creating stories at a very young age even before she wrote them down on paper; sharing them with her younger sister; Dashana. Growing up it has always been her dream to write and publish a book, though she thought it would have been done through her career.

Kadian graduated from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Biology, intent on getting into the field of scientific research. Kadian, however, fell into a different career path in retail where she fulfills her need to help others and learn about new and exciting technology. Kadian now writes on her days off and every spare time she gets. When she's not writing, Kadian can be found reading a book or binge-watching TV shows on Netflix and Hulu, also bowling with friends.

Kadian also blogs under the pen name Annabelle Helen Jones, where she provides writing tips for aspiring authors, passing on useful information that she's learned so far. Also, find Kadian on Twitter and Instagram @authorkadian, be sure to say hi when you stop by

Smashwords Interview

What are your five favorite books, and why?
I love dystopian fiction my favorite books are mostly dystopian. These are my favorite books because it's interesting to get emersed in a different world and escape to somewhere new. Most dystopian brings up new and exciting challenges for the protagonist to face and overcome. The last book on my list is not dystopian, but it has my next favorite thing; love. Though it's insta-love, it was written beautifully, and it's amazing.

1. Hunger Game Series.
2. Divergent Series.
3. Red Queen
4. Cinder
5.The Sun is also a Star.
Describe your desk
I have pictures of my desk on Instagram (authorkadian). My desk is dark brown and has a section at the back that I use as a bookshelf to store some of my books. In fact, it has a lot of storage that I use to store books. So there's a side compartment where I have 'how to' books stored. I have my planner and writing books in the corner of the desk. So pretty much my desk is covered in books but in a neat, organized way.
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Sparks fly
Sixteen-year-old Anorvia is destined to be Savior of the land of Kollosnia and free its people from the reign of the Dark King. Anorvia is on her way to a portal that will transport her to Kollosnia. However, things go horribly wrong when the portal closes, and she gets shut out. Can she get back in time to fulfill the prophecy? Sparks Fly as one girl empowers a nation to fight for their freedom.


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