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  • Let's Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should on Sep. 04, 2011

    I’ve been gobbling up this book because, like a lot of other readers I too dream someday of having something published (besides my master’s thesis). I have short stories and poetry in a file cabinet as well as in my hard drive, and words inside of me that just have to come out. So… I write. I have two novels I’ve been ‘writing’ and a pile of non-fiction, I’ve written for other purposes and pursuits cluttering up my study. I’m disappointed when a test does not have an essay question. This book gave me the tools and enthusiasm to actually believe that I can make this dream of mine come true! I learned from the book- with an overview of the publishing business and how e-books are starting to affect the market. I read educated predictions of what the future might bring for the publishing industry. The author walks you through the self-publishing process step by step with an engaging style. The wonderful thing about self-publishing and the e-book explosion is the fact that no one is determining for you what they think you might like to read. The reader has full freedom to determine for themselves what they will or will not be interested in. That is so liberating! No marketing person in a fancy suit, no bean-counter only interested in profit potential closes the gate for the reader with the advent of self-publishing. The reader has the power to choose for themselves and more of the profits go to the author, the one who laughed, cried, bled, and spent their creative juices actually producing the reading material. There’s a wealth of good advice in these covers and the author actually practices what he preaches in his book. There is a valuable resource section and several highly motivating stories of self-publishing success stories included in this book as well. I really enjoyed this e-book and would say it is a must for everyone seeking info about self-publishing and dreaming of having their material out there to share with others. So, what are you waiting for???? Get back to your writing!!!