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  • Holy Cannoli! Chick-E Gets A Job on Jan. 24, 2012

    It is a very short read if you are used to reading 500 or more pages like I am. It took me about 15 minutes, but it was a really good 15 minutes. Chick-E decides on her walk home from school that she would like to get a job. She determines that it must be when she sees the Help Wanted sign at Mama Romano's restaurant. She immediately applies and gets the job. The rest of the story talks about how much of a disaster her first day of waitressing is and how she handles a bad situation. She learns that you can't be good at everything you do, but you must learn to make the best of a bad situation. She shows real strength in believing in herself and creativity in problem solving. It is a wonderful read for early adolescents (could be read as early as 6 or 7 depending on your child). I am actually looking forward to seeing how other books in the series go. I think it will make a wonderful addition to our bookshelf for the future.
  • Howl (Kane Wolves, 1) on March 01, 2012

    This was a wonderful werewolf story. I LOVE werewolves, so when I saw this book, I had to read it. I will say that I kind of wish that there were more scenes of the characters actually being werewolves. This story focuses a lot on how a family of werewolves are living as much like humans as they can. The entire family lives together in a very secluded national forest, but they hold real jobs and interact with humans enough to not seem like recluses. Unfortunately that is also the main problem encountered in the story. Sophie falls in love with a human which is pretty much their primary werewolf law not to do. No human lovers are allowed, especially for the women. Why? Because the werewolf gene is passed through the women and not the men. If a male werewolf were to get a human woman pregnant, there is really no need to worry since the offspring will be human. However, all werewolf women will have wolfkin babies no matter who the father is. It is quite a dilemma for Sophie because she is also not supposed to reveal her true nature to any humans. The reason for this is your normal situation where humans can't process something so out of the ordinary. There is a lot of other history involved in this, but you should read the story to discover all of that. I must admit that the love scenes in this story feel rushed a bit. However I am used to reading stories where an entire chapter might be dedicated to such a thing. I felt like details were left out, but that was probably on purpose. This book is suitable for teenagers as a result. Also, I wanted to scream at the end. It has an amazing cliffhanger if you are one of those people that like to see the main character end up with the man (or woman) you wanted for them. This story leaves only a hint of who Sophie will end up with, but no definite answer. I sat there trying to flip to the next page on my nook hoping it would say something about Sophie's decision in her mate. It's not like the book doesn't end happily, but rather ends with you knowing that there is a lot of work ahead for Sophie and her family. It's a realistic ending for a supernatural story.
  • Spell Checked on March 16, 2012

    This was a wonderful read! I read it in about two days because I just had to know what was happening next. The story moves along at a quick pace without feeling like you are missing any information. You get all the information you need just when you feel like you need it. I thoroughly enjoyed the new twist on where vampires and witches come from (not telling where because you should read it). This story is about how vampires and witches exist in our world (specifically taking place in Dublin, Ireland mostly). Humans don't exactly know that they are among us, but they also are very accepting of the possibility. Vampires still need to drink human blood to survive, but it turns out that witch blood is poisonous to them. However, witches have breed so thoroughly with the human population, that it is becoming increasingly difficult for vampires not to drink some of the witch blood in their "human" donors. This is a problem that Beck, the main vampire character of the story, is researching for solutions. He believes there must be a way to help vampires and witches alike survive on Earth without bringing about war and with helping all races. He believes his research will even bring an end to many diseases like Cancer and Aids. This is where the main character, Mae, comes in. She becomes a part of his research as well as the love of his life. Mae finds herself in Ireland on a vacation with her best friend Gemma. During her vacation, she beoms immersed in the world of the supernatural and finds her true place in the world. She has been an orphan, adopted child, and finally left alone when her adoptive parents died. Her only family is her best friend Gemma. She loves anything geeky (a woman of my own heart), but finds it difficult to really fit in since technology is still primarily a man's world. Beck falls in love with Mae even though his real reason for meeting her is because the soul of his eternal beloved is trapped somewhere in Mae's body. Helen of troy, Beck's beloved was cursed by Aphrodite to keep returning to a new body after death takes her and to find Beck again and again since he will never die. Mae is the host for this lifetime, but Beck falls in love with Mae and must decide between the love of his eternal life and his true soul mate. I thoroughly loved this story.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Bully on March 16, 2012

    Children have so much to deal with in school that a bully should not be one of them. I hate the idea that there are bully's in school, but everyone has to learn to how to be who they really are. I think that everyone gets bullied at some point in their life and most people even act as the bully at some point. You may not even realize that it has happened until after it is over. This story gives you a way to talk to your children about how bullying occurs and how you can handle it. Bullying makes you feel small, insignificant, and helpless. If you think of it in the other direction (which most kids don't), that means the bully feels bigger, important, and powerful. Bart is able to put this feeling into words and pictures to demonstrate to the reader what happens to both parties involved in bullying. Bart learns that he must take a stand against Frank and if he does it when everyone else is watching, they just may stand behind him. No one likes being in Bart's position, but if someone has the courage to stand up for what is right, others tend to follow. I loved the story and the simple art. The end of the book even provides you with questions you can talk to your kids about and help the mto identify if bullying occurs in their life and how to deal with it. Empower your kids! Teach them to be strong.
  • Immortal Voyage on June 20, 2012

    C.G. Powell has taken a very interesting perspective in the city of Atlantis in this story about how aliens and humans can co-exist. The truth about Atlantis is a secret though, so shhhhh! This story is primarily about a family who rules a portion of the world called Eir. The queen dies during childbirth of their fifth baby girl, but leaves behind no sons. As her last dying wish, she makes the King promise to let their daughters marry for love. It's a pretty big deal since now the king has to rely on a daughter to marry a man who is capable of running the kingdom without getting to groom him for the position. It is entirely possible each daughter would marry someone completely incapable of being the next king, but he swears to her as she dies that they will marry for love. Seventeen years later, the king has married off two daughters and one has married a man that could rule, but no one wants him in a position of power. The other appears to be a complete idiot whom no knows much about at all. King Rowe is on a mission to marry off the other three as he is getting older in age. During this time he has had the chance to groom one man to take over in hopes that one of his daughters would indeed fall in love with him. It's a gamble that you will definitely enjoy reading about. His other chance of leaving the kingdom with an heir is to break his dying wife's wish and betroth Jael, the youngest. You will learn that Jael is different from her sisters and Rowe has a very good reason for the betrothal other than finding an heir. It's a mystery that has surrounded Jael since her birth and will leave you shocked at the end. Rest assured that the story has a happy ending and leaves an opening for a second book. I thoroughly enjoyed this and even though I typically avoid aliens, this is well worth the read. Especially since it is C.G. Powell, an author I thoroughly enjoy. Read more reviews at Identity Discovery (blog).
  • Forget Me Not (#2, The Mystic Wolves) on June 22, 2012

    My love for werewolves drew me to the Mystic Wolves series long before I started writing book reviews. I tried desperately to win The Mystic Wolves (book 1) when it came out, but ended up getting it when it came available on Amazon for free one day. Imagine my excitement when the second book in the series became available for a book tour from Promotional Book Tours! I had to have! I was not disappointed either! The first book ended with Darcy an Mason's make out session being interrupted by another werewolf claiming to be Mason's future mate. I was shocked and desperate to find out what would happen. Darcy shows tremendous restraint by not destroying Amber, the wannabe mate. Granted Mason had to hold her back a few times, but I know I would have torn her to pieces if I had been Darcy. Things get really crazy for them when Amber claims asylum, which means she is seeking a place of safety for fear that her life is in danger. Who threatens her and why? Well she claims her dad is going to kill her or do extreme bodily harm to her if she returns to her pack without marrying Mason. What on earth would cause such drastic measures? Well it turns out Mason and Amber have an extensive history. I'm not going to rehash it because that is the bulk of the story. You will be shocked at the lengths that Amber goes through to get rid of Darcy and to win over Mason. You will be even more shocked at how this story ends! I must say that Belinda Boring has a knack for leaving you hanging and wanting more. I can't wait for the next one and am hoping it comes with a book tour as well. Read more reviews at Identity Discovery Blog.
  • Broken Promises on Nov. 05, 2012

    The world is under attack. No one saw this one coming until it was already happening. The method of attack is so overpowering that even those that figured out what was going on had little to no time to defend themselves against it. The human race stands the chance of being annihilated by their own hands without understanding their actions. How could this be happening? A handful of people can answer this question only because the secret that the Fae truly existed on another world has been kept a secret from Earth. Bri never knew what she was until the Fae came to her world and took over her boyfriend's mind. She thought she was just a super clumsy human who got lucky enough to fall in love with an amazing man. Then her world came crashing down around her as her boyfriend and the other people around her suddenly grew very angry and violent. No one seemed to be able to control their torturous tendencies. Even Bri was struggling to maintain her normal composure. After nearly being killed, she learns who she really is and why she has a fighting chance to fight the charm affecting the humans. Will Bri be able to continue fighting the charm? Will her boyfriend ever be normal again and not try to kill her? Will the human race be able to withstand the magic of the Fae? Only time will tell. I am very intrigued about where this story is going to go. You will not get all the answers in this one story, but Belinda Boring certainly knows how to leave you wanting more. You won't be disappointed with this cliffhanger. Read more reviews at Identity Discovery Blog.
  • The Mystic Wolves (#1, The Mystic Wolves) on Nov. 12, 2012

    What an amazing book! I seriously could not put this one down! I started it last night and finished it in less than a day. If you like books that get right into the romance immediately, this is for you. I seriously was wondering what the plot really was for a few chapters because it focused so heavily on the relationship between Darcy and Mason (pack alpha). Darcy and Mason came together through a blind date by Darcy's mom and their wolves instead claimed each other. It was love at first sight and their love has only grown since. There is an interesting aspect of this story in that neither one of them is ever satisfied if you catch my drift. In order to be together they must go through a mate bonding ceremony where it is highly important that the female remains pure. Their ceremony has been scheduled and they are waiting for some specific date to come around before they can consummate their love. In the meantime, they thoroughly enjoy driving each other crazy. Don't get me wrong, even though I didn't know where the story was going for a while, it's still a very entertaining read. At some point it does become clear that there is actually someone out to destroy Mason in some way. This person orchestrates the death of Mason's beloved sister and a childhood sweetheart. After that, he is out to get Darcy. She ends up kidnapped and you find out that there is actually something special about her, but we don't know exactly what that is. Then she is returned to Mason to deliver a message and show that no one he loves is really protected. The story ends up with a vampire rescuing both Mason and Darcy and the peace treaty between vampires and werewolves solidified. Finally we end with a HUGE cliffhanger as another werewolf shows up on their door and tries to lay claim to Mason. What will happen? Will Darcy's wolf kill this intruder? Will Mason have to choose between them? Where did she even come from??? All questions that I am sure are to be answered in the next book, but boy it's going to drive me crazy waiting until I have to time get it! Read more reviews at Identity Discovery blog.
  • Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space on Sep. 28, 2013

    Life in outer space is not supposed to be easy, but for Henry Gallant it's even harder when it comes to dealing with people. Flying a ship is super easy for him and that's a problem for everyone else. Why is that? He's called a Natural. He has a natural ability to be able to operate fighters via a neuro headset. They can fly fighters with hand controls, but they are really designed to sense the impulses in the brain, connecting with the ship's AI to make it react faster than human muscular reflexes would otherwise allow. What makes Henry so special is that he has not had any genetic altering that would have allowed him to be able to control these fighters. The other midshipmen have all had some kind of alteration, typically done before they were born, but it allows their brains to be able interact with the AI technology easier. Henry has the challenge of proving to everyone that his natural ability is just as good, if not better, than everyone else's altered minds. In the midst of his struggles, a war is brewing with an alien race. I very rarely read science fiction mostly because I have trouble following along with all the jargon in them. Something about the blurb though caught my attention and I am very glad I read it. I did actually have trouble with keeping track of what was being referred to when talking about the different technologies in the story, but the further you read, the more sense it makes. Other than that, the story is fantastic. It is full of excitement, a brief love story, and adventure. The characters are very well developed. I found myself wondering what would happen next with every new chapter. If you like science fiction, you definitely need to read this book. If you occasionally like science fiction, you should try this one out because it just might surprise you. Read more reviews at Identity Discovery Blog.
  • Bewitching the Werewolf on Dec. 11, 2013

    This is an extremely quick read with approximately 40 pages. It is always free, and I would say worth reading. Megan is asked to help a werewolf alpha find his mate. She is a wiccan for hire. At first it looks like the werewolf, Zack, is being forced to find a wife by his mother, but it turns out that he truly thinks that something is wrong with him. He desperately wants to find what so many others have already found. He wants his one true love, the woman that will own him and he will own. He surprised at the result of his first taste of Megan's magic, as is she. He's even more surprised when he finds his mate. I really enjoyed this short novella. It got straight to the point. I really wish it had been longer. The author has a nice writing style and great descriptions, though they are simple. Sometimes simple is better than over explained. I would recommend it. It definitely has me wondering if Caroline Hanson has other books out there. Read more reviews at Identity Discovery Blog.
  • Blood and Snow on Dec. 16, 2013

    Book 1: I have owned the first four books in this series for quite a long time, but have not had the chance to read them. I decided it was to finally find out what they are all about. The story is a new take on Snow White, one where she becomes a revenant. It starts out with her just being an ordinary almost-sixteen-year-old, with the exception that her parents leave her alone a lot. Her mother died when she was young. Her father remarried a woman that apparently doesn't care about her step-daughter all that much. Sound familiar? Well they have left for a vacation that will last approximately two months and Snow White, yes that is her actual name, is home alone during that time. Thankfully she has some amazing neighbors that look in on her and are her friends. The man of the household is Professor Pops and he had seven adopted sons. Snow learns in this book that she has a crush on one son, Gabe, and that her feelings just might be reciprocated. However, her friend has a crush on him too. What's a girl to do? There is also a hint of someone else that just might be important in this tale. His name is Chase Charming. He's a transfer student to her school and makes a very brief appearance. Not really sure what role he will play in the whole revenant/vampire twist just yet. It's not a very long story and I have probably already told you more than I should about the plot. I am very curious about where the story is going. I know that there is a queen vampire and Snow White is more than a fairytale in this world, but what will actually happen to Snow White? Is her step mother some how involved in this plot to turn her into a vampire? Will Charming somehow find his way into Snow's heart or is he a bad guy as well? What about Gabe? There's a lot of unanswered questions that I am eagerly starting the next book to find answers to. I really enjoyed this book though and will update you on the series soon. Book 2: Another very fast read. I read this novelette in less than four hours, but some of that is because I seriously just want to know how this entire series is going to play out. This story focuses on Snow White learning more about what it means to be a revenant. She discovers her bloodlust in conjunction blossoming feelings for Gabe and her Hunter. In a very short amount of time, she learns that there are more than just vampires in the world. While she is destined to become a vampire, there are others out there that may want to kill her before her transition is complete. In the meantime, she has to try to be a normal teenager by going to school and not feeding on anyone. This book has a rather surprising ending in my opinion. I thought it was very well written and have already started reading the third book in the series. Book 3: Snow White has learned who the Hunter is that is turning her into a vampire. She has also learned that he is a matter in the art of seduction. In the process of learning this, her relationship/friendship with Gabe takes a turn towards awkward. No one really knows what has been happening in the Vampire Queen's realm between her and the vampire Christopher, but it has become obvious to all seven guys that something is changing for Snow. Her heart takes an emotional hit, but Christopher is there to help her feel better. The question is whether Christopher is doing it to further his agenda in turning Snow into the Queen's vessel or because he has feelings for her. Another great installment to the vampire version of Snow White. I am enjoying this series so much that I am reading at least a book a day. I am starting book four and plan to purchase the rest of the series so I don't have to pause in reading it at all. Book 4: Snow's life is quickly getting out of control. She and Have aren't talking. Christopher has disappeared. Her best friend Cindy is acting really strange. All of her best friends seem to be afraid of her or in desperate need of feeding her. To top it off, her dad and step mom having returned two months early from their trip acting rather strangely as well.Their return is very short lived though leaving Snow White even more confused. I personally feel like there's something very strange going on with her parents. I think they are somehow deeply involved in her becoming a revenant, but there isn't any evidence to support this yet. Snow seems to be developing her vampire skills faster than anticipated which is causing her bloodlust to be a problem. She craves Christopher's blood, but he's no where to be seen. The end of this book is really shocking. I am really hoping that what appears to have happened hadn't really, but it's on to Book five in order to find out. Another action-packed and exciting story!
  • Blood Awakening (Blood Burden Series Prelude) on Jan. 19, 2014

    This is a quick read that leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but there are several books in the series so just plan on having them all ready to be read in order. I would say that this story is just the beginning of one large story divided up onto really small increments. You meet two main female characters, Nicole and Kat. It appears the story is going to be mostly about Nicole. She is dealing with having lost her mom to cancer when they decide to go to Florida for the weekend. While there they meet some hot guys and Nicole runs into a very creepy guy that sets her nerves on edge. It turns out that she had a very good reason to be worried about this man. He awakens a hidden supernatural aspect of Nicole that she didn't even know existed. Now what is she to do with this new found power? Will she ever see her hot man again? It's really a very interesting tease of a story. I am looking forward to reading the next book.