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Smashwords book reviews by Kami Bryant

  • The White Lilac on Jan. 08, 2013

    This book was gifted to me from the author for an honest review. Thank You! The year is 2734. “When the first Earth colonists landed on Beta Earth they saw a fertile land waiting to be cultivated, but they weren’t the first living creatures here. … For most of the year it was easy to forget these fish were there, but once every eighty years, during the jigger’s mating season, they released a toxic dust into the air that is much stronger than all previous years.” 15 year-old Caryn has been genetically altered to hold her breath longer than humanly possible over 41 minutes and she has scales. The White Lilac will swim and retrieve the Haydon cure. To retrieve the Haydon cure from the anemone where it is found means death. Four years ago Caryn's friend Heather drowned. Caryn is determined to be the one to find the Haydon cure and sacrifice herself. Caryn will be the 16th White Lilac. The T-Man tells 16-year-old street kid Kai to steal a ruby and in payment he will tell him where Kai's mother is and why she left him. If Kai doesn't deliver the ruby in four days, T-Man will have him killed. Caryn is allowed to leave the Compound and travel the city for three days. Kai runs into the room where Caryn is by accident and she chooses him for her companion. This book is really good. I really liked the writing and all the suspense and tension. It confused me at first with the changes in point of view each chapter. When it is Caryn's chapter, the point of view is first person. When it is Kai's chapter, it is third person. But once I got used to that I thought the story was just amazing and exciting.
  • Savor, Warm Delicacy Series, Book 1 on Feb. 20, 2013

    Claire turns 18 and goes to get her donor I.D. She will then regularly donate blood to the blood bank to feed the vampire royal family. Some people protest donating blood to the vampires. There is a lot of propaganda in the society hyping the greatness of the vampires and what an honor it is to donate blood to them. A human representative from the vampire royal family comes to Claire's home and says that her blood is perfect and the vampires are really excited by it. I think this is a clever concept that vampires have convinced humans to willingly donate their blood. It makes sense, people donate blood, plasma and other bodily fluids for money. Claire is a very reluctant vampire princess. I didn't really like Claire too much. I was having problems getting into the story. I was getting bored through a lot of it. The writing is good. The story has promise. A mysterious man who belongs to Claire is interesting. But it didn't quite all come together for me.
  • When Minds Collide (Phoenician Short #0.1) on March 05, 2013

    This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review. Thank You! William's husband Andrew is creating a new life by killing another one. He is creating Ronningers from Proctors and William has to stop him. Humanity has left Earth and gone to the Phoenician planet. Scherrer is a brilliant homophobic scientist designing Artificial Intelligence while Andrew creates Artificial Lifeforms. The two men die in a crash but their consciousnesses are brought back in one body making a Joshua Scherrer-Andrew Caine hybrid. This is a very well-written science fiction story. I am interested to read more about this world.
  • Sunbolt on May 26, 2014

    There is a lot going on in this story. It was a short, fast read and I was getting a little lost at times. It is the beginning of a series so there was some set up and world building. This story is full of magical adventure and mysterious happenings. I thought that it was well written and that it held my interest. 4 stars. "Review by *Kami Bryant* of www.FaeBooks.co.uk"