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Kamilla was born into a rambunctious family of loudmouths (a twin sister, a brother and another sister), all raised by a feisty redheaded mother with twinkling eyes and killer patience. It wasn't long before Kamilla earned the title of 'weirdo' at school but it would be many years before she discovered this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. There were, as it turned out many like-minded weirdos in the theatre. And theatre, according to by-now-twenty-year-old Kamilla rocked! Thus a career was born! And a life. And a marriage. A couple dogs. A daughter. A whole lot more life. And then one day, over the kitchen counter, a book. A Historeum, no less. With oodles and oodles of weirdology galore! Sigh :)

Kamilla can be reached at bonegrits.com

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I do! It was called 'Porky and Beefy'. I wrote it when I was eight years old and I did all the illustrations as well! I spent so much time on that story...even turned down a bike-riding date with Terry, the boy I crushed on. Lol! Later it was published in Owl Magazine, pics and all! I was sooooo proud :):):)
What is your writing process?
I write pretty much all day, from about 8:30 to 3:30. Often, if I'm focussed on a real intense part I'll go even later...way past dinner if my daughter's not home and I don't have plans that night. I try not to write on weekends but often find myself daydreaming scenes and writing ideas on recipe cards and receipts in my purse etc.

I am highly visual so pictures are always great for inspiration. There is usually a first draft that is just getting the bones down. Then a second draft of filling in where I left things blank. The third is like icing or similar to when I was in the theatre and dressing the set and costumes. It's filled with all the lovely details. Later drafts are tweaks until I just can't look at it anymore and have to let it go.
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