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The Promises You Keep is the first novel by Karen Graham. The novel is her second literary work, albeit first globally published book. Past writings include an essay awarded 2nd place in the MGM Studio's and Lifetime Learning Systems National Essay Contest on March 28th, 2002.

In 2013, she released her first Children's book- Thank You, God, For Everything: A Nursery Rhyme Picture Book, complete with sheet music in the back. You can read along or sing along while you teach your little one many of the things God has made.

Karen is happily married, blessed to be a mother of four and step-mother of two, and spends most of her time enjoying her family. Besides a lifetime love of writing, she is a photo enthusiast, organic gardener, reading junkie, and music addict—especially, the music of the Dave Matthews Band.

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Smashwords book reviews by Karen Graham

  • Aside of Murder on July 06, 2012

    From the moment I began to read, I caught the flavor of an old timey detective movie set in today's time period-- you know, the seedy side of town with it's disreputable characters. Brick paints the seedy underbelly of both lower and upper society as he introduces various of complex characters, each with their own unique personalities; especially one you'll love to hate; Gerald. The story then introduces a change of venue as a whole new set of characters are introduced--as different from the seedier side of life as you can get. As the story unfolds you're exposed to two different worlds about to violently collide. The story descriptions don't leave you wanting, but the plot will keep you guessing as it carries you along to a very surprising, but satisfying, conclusion. I love a story that presents a challenge to figure out. If you do, too, you'll be happy with this novel.
  • Finding Hope on April 28, 2013

    This book surprised me in that it is two short stories and not a full length novel as I expected- which isn't bad at all, just a surprise. Both stories are in different settings and have different characters and circumstances. Each left me wanting to know more, read more, and explore a whole full length novel with them, while simultaneously still being left with a satisfying ending of knowing each had found hope. This book would be great for short escapes-- commute to work, waiting in a doctor's office, reading at lunch, etc. I recommend it and hope to see more from this author. =)
  • Skid on June 09, 2013

    I can't recall reading a YA novel since reading Twilight (just to make sure what my teenage daughter was reading), but the author is from Tulsa and I love supporting fellow burgeoning artists. YA novels are a different style than the typical adult romance, mystery, etc, but once you find the rhythm, it's a fun read and kinda nice to break out of the typical novel mode and explore something new. I learned alot about racing and found the characters to be multi faceted and entertaining. I liked the plot and found the ending quite satisfying. I hope others expand outside the typical romance and check this book out. It's worth the time!