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I am the ongoing President and Executive Director of Ghost Writer, Inc. GWI's workers include freelance and contracting ghostwriters, copy editors, proofreaders, manuscript re-writers, co-writers, coauthors and authors of several published and soon-to-be-published book manuscripts. And I have been hired as a ghostwriter, copy editor and proofreader for multiple websites, write and edit text copy for websites, articles and business documents, and have many returning satisfied customers. We are also now supplying our clients with book, manuscript and screenplay marketing, sales and promotions services. We also do publishing, optioning and production assistance services, including book proposal and query creation and submission services with a 90% success rate at landing literary agents and commercial book publishers. And we handle self publishing services, supplying book cover art, ISBNs, copyrights registration, book sales websites, and many other related services. Our team of 120+ people covers book, screenplay, script, music and lyrics ghostwriting and editing work, as well as many other freelance writing and editing services - all at highly affordable rates.

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