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Kari is a passionate reader and compulsive writer. She prefers talking to fictional people to talking to herself, or anyone else for that matter, and insists her characters help keep her grounded. Her first love was science fiction, but she’s not afraid to venture out into unknown territory, to seek out new genres and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man- well, you get the idea. Currently she’s writing predominantly in the realm of sci-fi romance.

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  • Without Hesitation on Nov. 18, 2018

    I received this book for free through Voracious Readers Only. Without Hesitation is a fast paced science fiction adventure. Everleigh and her faithful crew are 'employed' by Caspar, who threatens to kill their families if they don't follow orders. When she is ordered to kidnap Empress Akacia of Valinar, and ends up falling in love with her, they decide to defy Caspar for the first time. After a rush of action, torture, a spaceship crash and surviving on a hostile planet, they have to get rid of Caspar to save Everleigh's and her crew's families. I really liked the story, at times it felt almost like a dark fairy tale with the Splicers; humans who have been enhanced with the DNA from different animals. It was well written and kept me guessing until the final pages. The ending is pretty much open, so be aware you may want to dive straight into the next book in the series after finishing this one (I know I will!)
  • Meteor Mags: The Battle of Vesta 4 and Other Tales on Dec. 11, 2018

    I received this book for free through Voracious Readers Only. Meteor Mags is a 105 year young half-human pirate smuggler anarchist punk-rockstar and genius scientist with a cat tail and a bad temper. She is simultaneously a lovable auntie with a passion for music and a heartless mass murderer. Her sidekick is Patches, a bullet-proof killer cat. I was very glad the book started with a summary of previous events as I wouldn't have been able to understand everything without it. Mags' backstory is so insane and so much anime-esque craziness kept happening, crazy cat lady does not even begin to cover it. Mags is at war with GravCorp, who have stolen her work on artificial gravity, and also with the Dragons (the descendants of dinosaurs who left Earth before their kin went extinct and now want their planet back). There are a lot of big guns and bloody battles. All the stories are fast paced and full of action, and just a little bit too violent and gory for my personal taste, but I enjoyed this book a lot.
  • Doodling on Dec. 28, 2018

    I received this book for free through Voracious Readers Only. Neville Lansdowne falls off the world because he can't keep up. He ends up wandering the asteroid belt, first in search of a home and consecutively gathering support to save the world, which is spinning rapidly out of control and threatens to take the asteroid belt down with it. Doodling reads like a children's book, wildly imaginative and fascinating even though nothing makes sense. People can walk around the asteroid belt and don't seem to need oxygen, food or water. Despite all this the story is insightful and highly allegorical, depicting how people can derail and focus too much on non-essential things when daily life is just too stressful for them. I found Doodling to be a light and fun read despite the more substantial topic hidden underneath the surface. I think it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
  • Evin on Jan. 16, 2019

    I received this book for free through Voracious Readers Only. Eva starts having disturbing dreams about the forest of Evin, where children are being killed. Then her cat The Abyssinian takes her to be introduced to a giant panther, an ancient spirit protecting Evin, who tells her it's all real. For thousands of years evil spirits have tried and succeeded in murdering Eva's previous incarnations, to stop her discovering her destiny. Eva and The Abyssinian are connected to the panther and Evin. So far each time time she reborn has ended in her being killed when she was young, before discovering her true destiny. This time, she has to hope the outcome of her quest will be different. Evin is a horror/fantasy novel. It has decent prose and the concept of the story is promising, but I couldn't get invested. Neither of the main characters seem to have any motivation. Eva is immature and has no clue what she's doing or why. When a magic panther in a dream invites her to go on a quest that will almost certainly get her killed, she doesn't hesitate to go. Her friend Ge tags along, though again it is not clear why. Most of the backstory is told in dreams and visions, which the characters take for truth without hesitation. Neither of them questions anything. The pacing is slow and the stakes remain unclear, so for a long time there is no sense of tension or purpose. Only in the last 20% of the book does the story pick up with a flurry of action, turning dark and gory in the process. If I had to compare this to anything I'd say it's like The Chronicles of Narnia meets Lord of the Rings, but without most of the depth, rich backstory, interesting characters, allegories, humour, or sense of wonder.
  • Three: A Tale of the Bookseller's Children on Jan. 27, 2019

    I received this book for free through Voracious Readers Only. Bear is an elf and a pastor of the mountain godess Huil, training his human apprentice Hunter. Nearby humans are more and more hostile towards the elves, so Bear feels he's doing a thankless job. Then a weird wintry storm starts despite it being spring, monsters turn up, children go missing, and all of it may be connected to the evil stirring deep underneath the mountain. Bear's son Asher and his niece Medie meet up with a number of children gone missing from the area, and they have to escape the underground tunnels to save their lives. With all this going on, Bear must rely on his friends to help him put things to rights. Three: A Tale of the Bookseller's Children is an excellent fantasy novel with a diverse cast of characters. I loved Bear and his friends, and their interactions. The world building is amazing. The prose is amazing and pulls you right into the story. Despite the dark plot and monsters the book was full of warmth and caring. A very fun read.