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  • Lingerie Wars on June 13, 2013

    Lingerie Wars introduces us to Lake Benson, Kirsty Campbell, and to a wildly delicious cast of individuals living in Invertary, a small town in Scotland. Lake, an ex-special services soldier, temporarily moves to Invertary to manage the lingerie shop he’d bought for his sister, Rainne. The shop is losing money and Lake is set on making it profitable before selling it. He plans to move back to England and open a security business, but he needs the money from the shop’s sale. Kirsty is an ex-lingerie model who was scarred in an accident and then dumped by her fiancé. She is attempting to rebuild her life back in her hometown by owning and running the lingerie shop across the street from Lake. Two lingerie shops, one in front of the other…someone has to lose here. The residents of Invertary take sides, battle lines are drawn, and Lake and Kirsty openly declare war. The story follows Lake and Kirsty’s antics to beat the competition, and their blossoming romance as the battles become sweeter and more outrageous. The local folk are absolutely entertaining and endearing. We meet Betty, Lake’s troll-like assistant, his hippie sister Rainne, the women from the Knit or Die club, and other loveable residents who constantly prove their loyalty and support. It makes me want to visit the Highlands and eat pies for breakfast! The story was fun, witty, and filled with sweet romance. I believe there will be two more books set in Invertary, and I look forward to getting an update on the quirky occurrences of this delightful town. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.