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Smashwords book reviews by karlaihdez

  • Vampires Rule on Oct. 11, 2011

    The premise of the book is really great but one you start reading well, it´s not that the story is bad, not at all, actually it was ok it could have been a lot better but i came across some time line error that got me completly out of the story. Jack is a 17 years old boy that was turned into a vampire after a were killed his parents, and he lived a vampire life for 10 years "mostly feeding on animal blood" i´m not kidding he actually said that will making a point that he wasn´t a killer, so mostly he didn´t drink for humans wich means a) he drink a bit and let the human turn into a vampire or b) he kills them, so he wasn´t mostly a killer YEAH RIGHT!!!! then we have Silver Reign (very original name for a Were Hunter) a.k.a Starr wich i guess was the name the author intended to use at first but then changed her mind (how do i know?, well silver is refered as starr during the book), anyway she longs to have a normal life and be a lawyer but she is trapped by destiny and family tradition. Jack´s baby brother Billy 25 years old, is a were hunter trained by reign´s family, and his story goes like this. i wanna kill the were that killed my family, i wanna kill my vamp brother, i wanna kill the were that killed my family, i wanna kill my former vamp brother,wow im lame, but hey! lets kill the were that killed my family(that about sums it up). The reign family are really cool, hidden weapons cabbinet and all... and we have Jersey a.k.a THE BAD GUY, he´s the best character in the book, he has ups and downs and he´s a sucker for classic authors, and he likes jack but he knows he´ll have to fight him to death in the end. the plot is ok, there are many characters introduced at first, that makes u feel they´ll have some big part in the plot but then they just vanish, the book it´s good at least it managed to make me curious about the second book, so i´ll look for it, but it wasn´t a mind blowing thing. that being said it has a lot of potencial and i liked the tone things ended. on a better note the idea of a former vampire that comes to life again, to kill a were that´s going to bring the end of the world an can summon wraiths is kinda cool, and he has to do all that with his were hunter girlfriend her were hunter parents and his lame 25 year old baby brother on toe, plus he totally likes the bad guy. so i will check out the next book just cause i´m curious to where all this is going...
  • Touch (A Reaper Novella) on Oct. 11, 2011

    The book has a very easy way through it, but it left me with too many unanswered question. The story is about Rowan a young girl whose mother committed suicide a few months back, and she´s very depressed by it. One day she has an accident and right there is where the book falls apart. She meets Jet who is as emotional as a rock but she´s instantly attracted to him. The whole book goes by, while she is crying over her mother, thinking about her own death and making puppy eyes at Jet, surrounded by nothing; she has absolutely no one, no friends no nothing and it gets really boring after a lot of pages to keep reading the same thought over and over again. Then almost at the end of the book she meets her destiny, some interesting things happen and then it just ends, without any explanation or answer to the million question I had. Questions I can´t put here without a HUGE spoiler alert so, I’m not going to!!! That being said the book is very well written, and I think that is going to be a series, and that´s why so many things where left hanging. Will I keep reading this series? Yes of course, the plot is interesting and the few twists and turns it has are good, I just hope the next book has some answers
  • Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark #1) on Nov. 07, 2011

    I had huge expectations for this book and I find myself very very pleased by it. Her Dark destiny is an Epic book, it has every single paranormal element I could think of and then some. Shanna Hunt a young woman, witness to her parents murder by Demons, finds herself part of a world she didn´t knew existed until that day and because of that she becomes a hunter. At first I was worried about the book being to Buffy for me, but actually it was amazingly good, it´s funny and fresh it has some romance elements, but to me this is Urban Fantasy to its finest. The characters are unique, each and every one has personality and spark, and the fact that we get to know the inner turmoil of each one, at first was confusing but in the end help to build a feeling of bonding with each and every one of them. What I liked the most about this book plot aside, was the way Dave Ferraro eased into Homosexuality, Jade is a strong and confident woman who loves and embraces herself for who she is. I loved her character and her “yeah I´m gay, I don´t have a problem with it so why should you?” attitude. So in one word this book is awesome, intriguing, Epic, magnificent *Uh, that´s more than one word isn´t it?*
  • Spirits Of Glory on Nov. 07, 2011

    When I started this book, I did so without any expectation, Science Fiction is not usually the type of book that I would pick for a read, but when I was offered the chance to read this books, I knew if I said no, I was going to make the biggest mistake ever; you know what? I was right!!!!!!! Spirits of Glory is a magnificent piece of art. Through the whole book we accompany Hawkeye on a journey she wasn´t prepared to take, we watch her grow comfortable under her own skin. What I liked the most about this book was the strength the female character has; it´s something very unusual in YA literature. Hawkeye is an intellectual, caring compassionate woman, whose thirst of knowledge drives her to take part on a trip that will change her life forever. This book is an unusual ride into a unique science Fiction YA, the intricate plot makes you thought everything at least twice before continuing reading cause every sentence has significance, every words is full with symbolism, every single detail counts. I´m usually very good at figuring where the story is going and even thou I took several guesses at where this book was headed I got to say that half my suspicions where wrong and when the truth of truths was finally on display it was so obvious; Emily Devenport made a flawless job at webbing this story with so intricate detail that even thou all the signs where there, cause she did left signs as to where the story was headed ; you are so absorbed on the story that you can´t help but to miss them. I loved this book is one of the best reads I’ve had on 2011, you guys should be looking this book ASAP.