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Smashwords book reviews by Karen Thorp

  • Love Realized on May 07, 2013

    This was absolutely a beautiful story.. This author did an amazing job in creating such a easy flowing plot and her writing style was easy to follow,so that you were able to get lost in the story.. she was also able to keep some mystery to what her characters lines would be so it wasn't to simple to guess what they would do or say or were thinking, which made this book a page turn, cause you just had to know what was happening now or what would happen next. she developed characters that were interesting in getting to know & not just the main characters either but all the characters that were in the story. she was also able to include history regarding her characters and their relationships to each other without getting off focus,& yet getting across the importance on why you needed to know said history information.. she develop a plot & story line that is based on real life issues, along with addressing the drama and solution that come with this issues without over or under doing it, & also adding in real life events that happened and applied to the situation and did this in a perfect way, which give the story just that much more excitement and drive.,along with love & hot sexy romance and dramas of all kinds, Adding all that with the emotions that comes with love,passion & life. Equals to a perfect book/story that you will truly enjoy. This is definitely a must read and deserves a 5 star + rating ..looking forward to what this author writes next :)
  • Unbeautifully on May 16, 2013

    OMG!!!! This was an awesome read.,love every bit of the story. this had it all drama,action,twist & turns, love & passion, it centered not only on new characters but also included older ones from the previous book., which gave it that wow factor(and which i love when series intertwine characters gives the story a more believe aspect to it)., this was an enjoyable read and kept you interested and was definitely a page turn.. This book deserves 5stars and more and the author never disappoints., if you haven't read the first book Undeniable or this one Unbeautifully you are so missing out on an incredible adventure... This is a must read for sure :)