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  • Cole's Comfort on March 15, 2015

    Loved it! Of the six books in this series this is my favorite. The characters in the book are well define and l life like it. Cole was his own worst enemy in the begining but he finally got his head on straight. Iona had to also come into her own and acknowledge her part in the abusive relationship with her ex and how it was affecting her future with Cole. Introductions to new characters and the return of old ones helped keep this story interesting. Read the books in order otherwise you will not understand the back plots that connect each book. You won't be dissappointed. Better yet start with the original white wolf series to get the full effect.
  • His Harpy on July 03, 2016

    No spoilers will be revealed in this review. Finally we are getting Matt's story. This story has been a long time in coming and it was worth the wait. Just so you know this story is coming from his being married to Ina Sue for a number of years. The story is evenly paced and the characters are an interesting mix of personalities. Ms. Dawn has done another great job in keeping this series going.
  • Sealed With a Kiss on July 03, 2017

    Finally another white wolf male story. Manning is the son of Opal who is mate to Boomer. Slowly Opal's children are embracing their heritage which is a good thing for their mother's piece of mind. Manning knows how to be an elite solider but does he have it in him to be a possible mate? His nature is to protect those weaker than himself but this will not set well with the she-wolf he encounters. Fromm the start he manage to annoy Prissy and she wants nothing to do with him. Can this prickly pair put aside the preconceived notions of each other to see what lays beneath their harden exteriors? Enjoyed this story.