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Karri Lauritzen was born in Riverside, California. An identical twin and one of nineteen siblings, at a young age Karri was forced to grow up in foster care because of the misfortunes of her biological family. She moved around a total of 29 times, all around Southern California, and was adopted by the Lauritzen family at age 21, along with her twin sister. Karri developed her love for health and nutrition after being a fashion model for eight years and seeing the misfortunes of her associates and other models that the industry pressured into being thinner to get specific modeling gigs. Instead of using diet information on herself and going down the wrong route with it, she has taken useful dieting information from other models, agencies, and photographers to design her own version of the diet plan and use it for people in the world who actually HAVE weight to lose. She loves to see how happy and how much more motivated people are when they are in their best physical state and is determined to use her resources and secrets for the uplifting and well-being of others in desperate need. Karri also enjoys public speaking and advocating for the rights of foster youth and orphans. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Child Development so that she could learn what children need and how to be a “perfect parent,” considering all of the bad examples she has seen throughout her upbringing. She is getting her Master’s degree in Social Work so that she can be an Emancipation Coach for foster youth, a Social Worker in the Public Defender's Office, and work in Child Welfare so that she can add her own expertise of being in the foster care system to the actual field work. Her ultimate goal in life is to be an Amazing mother and she wants to prove to the world that your circumstances do not predict your outcomes- YOU choose your outcomes. She wants to be a great example to youth worldwide that they really CAN do anything that they set their mind to. “The Magic Diet” is her first publication. You can read her full story at www.ikarri.webs.com and you can email her for coaching, questions, or comments at kalikarrikutie333@gmail.com.

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