Kasandra Elaine


Kasandra Elaine is the writing team of Kassy Paris and Elaine Bonner. The writing partners have been friends since they were fifteen years of age. The pair met when Elaine’s father moved to Kassy’s community to pastor the Methodist church that just happened to be across the street from Kassy’s home. Kassy and Elaine began their writing efforts as a team, when they wrote a church Christmas play those many years ago. Elaine lives in north Texas where she works as a registered nurse. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, working in her local church, writing, traveling and reading. In the past, Elaine has combined her profession with her love of travel and worked as a traveling nurse in order to give the writing pair the opportunity to visit other parts of the United States. Kassy lives in east Texas and recently retired from teaching fourth grade. Kassy’s interests include going to church, reading, writing, and quilting – much to Elaine’s chagrin when she has to haul around Kassy’s stash of fabric and her sewing maching.

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