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In the dark of the night and the still of the evening you'll find Karl Jones writing furiously to exercise his dark muse to the delight of his fans.

Specializing in Crime and Horror thrillers, he refers to himself as a loner, haunted by the stories he pens and driven to push the boundaries until all lovers of the genres have no choice but to sleep with one eye open.

Karl explores the dark side of humanity and turns the stories of some of the most depraved into literature you'll have no choice but to read with one eye on the door and every light in the house on.

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Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book, the Thief, The Poacher and The Murderer is the 4th title in my Donna Harp series, due out later in 2014. The idea has been ticking around my head for a while now as I tried to find the time for it. It was originally quite simple just a burglary and a murder really, but as I sat down to plan it out it expanded, with twists and turns popping into my head, not to mention things to be included to connect it with the previous titles in the series and the beginnings of future stories in the series.
Who are your favorite authors?
I have several favourite authors, in a variety of genres; Anne McCaffrey for sci-fi, David Eddings for fantasy, Clive Cussler for adventure, Tom Clancy for action/espionage.
Sometimes it's hard to say who is my all time favourite.
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