Katelin Ballinger


To my amazing fans,
It's been two years since I last released a book. I've been working on my seventh one in the series, but recently I have stopped writing it. Don't worry! The book will still get written; I'm not giving up writing. I am, however, taking a break from furthering the Ever-Presence series. As I am progressing through college, I am learning new writing methods and skills that I wish to apply to my books. So, during my time in college I will be adding to the books that I have already written, enhancing their storylines, and deepening the characters within them. When out of college I plan to publish my revised works. Due to my current revision of the series and my planning to publish them soon, I will be taking them off of Smashwords.
Unfortunately, I know that many of you have been waiting for the release of my seventh book for quite some time. I'm deeply sorry to have you all wait even longer for the book to come out, but I trust you will understand that my actions of revision are a major period of growth for the series and for myself personally. When my books are published, I trust that anyone who has read my books thus far, upon reading the revised books, will see a tremendous difference in the two and will be more satisfied with the revised editions. Thank you all abundantly for your support and reviews and comments that you have left me personally! On the days where I find no motivation to further my work, I think of you all who have read my books and are waiting for the release of my next book and a desire to continue is ignited inside of me, fueling my writing. Thank you for motivating me and for having invested your time in my series! I wish you all well and hope the best for you. Keep an eye out for my published books; they're on their way!


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