Kate Townsend


Kate Townsend was born in 1940 so that makes her in her 70’s. She has been around for a long time and has experienced many changes over the years. During her younger years she would never of thought that she would have written a good book.
About 10 years ago, she thought she would like to write a book about her life and experiences. She reasoned that she had a lot to say and believed it would be good to pass on to the world some of her wisdom that she believed she had paid a high price for. The idea came to her to start her story in the year 2000. The desire to begin writing her book wasn’t until the beginning of 2007 but when she started she loved every moment of it, the words just came and it was as if something was inside of her writing her book for her. She wrote day and night and most weekends. Eventually she finished it. It took nine months, (the same time for a baby to be born.)

After completing her book she asked a number of people to read it to see if they thought it was worth a try to have it published as she had never written a book before and wasn’t sure if anyone would like it. To her surprise they loved it.
She is now experiencing the joy of many people giving her excellent reviews. She was in Al-anon at that time. She went to her first Al-anon meeting when she was 48 years old but her life began to turn around slowly after that and she began to find herself again.

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