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Smashwords book reviews by Katrina Klauer

  • Sapphire Ice: Book 1 in the Jewel Series on May 29, 2012

    Sapphire Ice follows the eldest Robin Bartlett, who is just struggling to make it day to day. After a horrific childhood and scary adolescence Robin has worked hard every day to make sure her sisters are taken care of. Currently working 2 jobs after putting one sister through college and working on putting the other sister though Robin is very tunnel minded. No time for men (they are nothing but a source of pain and violence for her anyway) or God until she runs into Antonio "Tony" Viscolli. Antonio "Tony" Viscolli has not had an easy life either. Until the day he walked into a downtown church, where he found himself before the alter. After accepting God into his life he worked hard to carve out a name for himself and with his name and wealth he became a generous force for God.
  • Emerald Fire: Book 3 in the Jewel Series on June 19, 2012

    The Jewel Series follows 3 Sisters and Emerald Fire follows Maxine Bartlett the middle sister. Along with her eldest sister Robin, Maxine has lived a rough childhood. She has never trusted men though through the first book you hear mention to her many datings and loves she is never really in love. The thought of intimacy with anyone scares her. After a spontaneous marriage to a close friend who recently has lost his faith in God and has been living a very hard previous loveless marriage, Maxine finds strength in God to help her new husband find peace. This journey is a rough journey for both Maxine and her husband because Barry her husband is trying to distance himself and get the marriage annulled out of what other people might think. With God's Love and Guidance Maxine finds the strength to draw them both back together and living together, but what really awakens Barry is more the thought of not being able to keep Maxine. To find out why you have to read the book yourself. Honestly, I can't give it all away and it really is too in depth to capture in a few sentences. I think this book is great. Another romance guided by God. Truly a breathtaking and captivating story to read.