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KATIE MARTIN, 31, has the same amount of guy friends as girlfriends. She would rather bullshit and smoke cigarettes outside with the guys then gossip in the kitchen with the girls which has given her endless male perspectives of what guys think of girls.

Listening to the guys bitch about the women INSIDE the house has taught her what guys REALLY think of the girls they’re dating and the shit they high-five their buddies about when the females are not around.

She discovered that many men love treating women like shit and actually brag about it. From the University of Western Ontario to Hollywood…men, you’ve created a monster that is using the knowledge you gave her to even the score.
Katie Martin has been that girl; the girl that got shit on and cried about it to her friends. But she learned from the bullshit. She has put into words and written a guide for women to see the douche bag signs and how to get out before these assholes get the best of them.

Katie calls it as she sees it. She speaks to women the way guys talk to their guy friends. She is the enemy of any guy who is pulling some shit on a girl because Katie is going to teach her not to put up with that BS, be strong and move on.

She is a cross between Chelsea Handler and Dr.Phil…minus the heavy vodka problem and male pattern baldness. She doesn’t quite spew the details of sexual conquests like Chelsea, but rather what women should do when mistreated. Katie will provide the tools that teach women how to respond while keeping their dignity and integrity. And it’s all done with her keen sense of humor.

She doesn’t give advice, she gives the warning signs. She doesn’t tell women to “explore their feelings toward the guy doing her wrong,”. She tells them to get out of there when the red flags surface!

She is from a small town in Canada, Brantford. Has a dog named Hoser, currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Twitter: @abcswithkatie


The ABC's of Dating a Douchebag: The Red Flags of Love
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 52,870. Language: English. Published: June 5, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Dating
This is the first book that breaks down the eternally popular topic of women's frustrations with men in 26 hilarious chapters. Dedicated to the woman who needs help sorting through relationships that could be real or recognizing the red flags of the ones surely headed for trouble. The "ABC's" is part self help manual,part true stories but mostly a guide on how to build a woman's dating confidence.

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