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Katie Epstein is an author of paranormal and fantasy novels. She lives in the UK with her husband and two children. She is passionate about the world of fiction and lives her life with her head in the clouds—only coming down to touch the ground every now and again. You can read more about her and her world of woo-hoo at www.katieepstein.com.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I first started writing when I was around sixteen years old, when I realized I could do something with all the crazy ideas that rolled about in my head at night. It was more about the dialect that the actually story building, but I loved seeing the worlds and characters I created come to life.
Since then, it's always been a hobby that remained in the background until I reached my late twenties. That was when I decided I wanted to take it further, and I needed to become serious about it—and the hard work began!
What's the story behind your latest book?
The Prophecy Child series has taken a life of its own, and the characters within it are screaming for their story to be told.
It's about a ex-demon slayer called Macey Jennings, who now runs a nightclub where demons are welcome. She also runs a bounty hunting service, so she can her foot in the slaying pool, and she's guardian to two half-demon children who came into her world when her friends died. She has a full plate—and at times—a foul mouth, but she's loved her eclectic group of friends around her.
The series starts with Macey crossing paths with human Private Investigator, Harry Sinclair, when he is on the case of a missing girl. He follows the trail to Macey's nightclub, and that's where the fun and games begin. Harry reluctantly lets her help him on the case as their worlds intertwine, and they both have to contend with the instant chemistry that flares between them.
It's been such a fun series to write, and they are pulling me along on their journey as they force me to type out what's happening in their world. There's been many moments when I've typed something, only to pause and state "No way..." when I've seen what's happened. They really do like to keep my on my toes.
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Death Be Charmed
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 85,070. Language: English. Published: October 16, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
A seemingly black and white case resulting in red tape, secrets, and attempted murder …
Death Be Blue
Price: Free! Words: 90,410. Language: English. Published: October 7, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Fantasy » Urban
She can glimpse visions of the past, present, and future but she doesn’t know when, how, or why. She only knows the outcome, and it doesn’t look good…

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Smashwords book reviews by Katie Epstein

  • The Star on Sep. 26, 2016

    This Young Adult novel has set a great premise for the shadows who theaten our very existence, and the powers that be who will need to fight them. The development behind the story and the fantasy elements that start to unravel as we follow Abbii on her journey, are handled well by the author as she draws you into the possibility of the impossible. When Abbii loses someone very dear to her, the questions she has had burrowed deep in her since she was a child, rise to the surface,and this will be Abbii's biggest challenge yet as she learns who she truly is. It would have been great to have read more about her and Jake's relationship to get a sense of what happens later regarding their bond, but other than that this was a great read with an awesome twist at the end.
  • The Genocide Game on April 22, 2018

    I liked this book. To me the storyline was original, with depth when needed and humour well-timed. You want to kind of hate Stan and Flair with their dating prowess and their “skank line”, but you just can’t end up doing it. Their hearts are in the right place and we see them progress through the story as a woman called Raven throws them into the path of saving the world that weirdly so, fits them to a tee. This made me laugh: "Hey, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me twenty times, I must like it." Again, the humour forcing you to like these guys and the naive way they viewed women of the world before they had to save it. The parts where the military aspect comes in I thought was well-written and believable, and the style allowed it to play out in my head like those cult eighties movies we’ve all come to love. My only complaint, is that the scene changes across the chapters were a bit confusing. A header to state the location of where we were now headed would have helped as it does weave in and out of different plot lines a little unexpectedly, but other than that, it was a good read for the genre that I would classify personally as Sci-Fi.