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  • Damian's Assassin on Feb. 20, 2011

    I loved Damian's Oracle and couldn't wait for the second book (Damian's Assassin). It was absolutely nothing like I was expecting, but AWESOME all the same! I thought it would be more of a follow up story on Sofi and Damian, but it was actually focused on Dusty and on one Sofi's predictions from the first book. I loved the book! The only complaint I have is that is isn't very long and when I love a book, I want it to go on forever. Now I have to wait for the next book... I wonder if it will be about the Damian, Dusty, Jules, Darian, Sofi... Now I have so much more to ponder. I can only hope Lizzy Ford decides to make this longer than four books!
  • Elizabeth Clansham on July 11, 2011

    I would recommend this book to people who like the movie Love Actually. It is not a fast paced, action-adventure book. I was slightly confused in the beginning of the book because I wasn't sure of the setting or to what location Elizabeth had moved to, but the author sort of told you a little ways into the book. However, since I am not from London, nor have I been there, maybe I would of figured it out a little quicker if I was familiar with the geography. I'm trying to think of the best way to rate this book and I'm having a hard time, so I am going to do positives and negatives... Positives: I thought the characters were semi-easy to relate to and there was a wide variety, every person seemed very different from the last thus making it easy for me to remember who everyone was. It was an easy, light read Negatives: Maybe this is how editing is done in England (I don't know for sure) but it bothered me that when a conversation was written in the book (he said "", she said "") the author used single quotes. It just threw me off a little bit. Some questions were left unanswered for me, but maybe I just needed to 'read into' the story more... for example - what EXACTLY did Laetitia do for a living prior to moving there (was she a porn star, or just a model in a nudie magazine, or a whore, or combo of all of them)? Why was she in so much debt? Why was Elizabeth so uptight? I got over most of it and managed to enjoy the story, I just think it needed to be a little bit longer to do some extra character development. And the description of the book doesn't seem to fit what it actually is. There really didn't seem to be a lot of story about Andrew and Elizabeth, again, it seemed to more of a montage of all the characters like Love Actually.