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Smashwords book reviews by Kat

  • I Zombie I on Nov. 05, 2011

    I Zombie I starts with a bang, literally right from the first line ‘The blast ripped through the air, stopping all time and thought’. So from the get-go, if you can’t stand the long wind up at the beginning of some Zombie novels, this book will appeal to you. Jacob, a reporter, is awoken by the bang and the subsequent obliteration of most of the human population. Unfortunately, the human population reanimates and is quickly roaming the streets of Munich, on the search for lunch….. This book has some good elements that aren’t the standard zombie fare – there are different types of zombies, a mad scientist and a very likable feisty red-head female lead who is pretty damn impressive in her knowledge and ability – a top choice to be with during the Zombie apocalypse. And my favourite part of all is, you’ll never guess the ending. A well written book and I’ll certainly be reading the next installment!