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  • Intentions of the Earl (Regency Historical Romance) on June 21, 2011

    I won this book along with several others in an online giveaway. I loved the cover and had high hopes for the story when I read the summary. The idea was very good, but the reasons that the Earl, Andrew, had to agree to ruin a young woman's, Brooke's, reputation never did jive very well with me. Brooke wasn't that nice of a person either. She was a flirt, which is fine, but blowing off society's mores all of the time was a very bad idea. Her sisters were not much better. Liberty was annoying beyond belief, and apparently Madison is just too featherheaded to be believed. Maybe she fell into epileptic fits; all that staring at walls was a bit creepy. Gateway, the man who basically blackmailed Andrew into doing this dastardly deed, was hideous. I don't know if he gets his comeuppance in one of the sequels, but he doesn't in this book. That didn't seem fair to me. I really wanted to like the H/h...I just didn't. It may be because the book goes through pages where it's like it was not edited at all. I kept being forced to a solid standstill by some of the mistakes in the work. Missing words, wrong words, toooooo many words that didn't belong IN the sentences. I beta in the Twilight FanFic world and I kept wanting to get my highlighter out! I wanted to like this so much. I'm so disappointed that I didn't. Edited to add: After thinking about this book this afternoon, after reading the GLOWING reviews from some of those who reviewed...I need to say: I guess this author did NOT write this book for me. There are many that loved it. Everyone should trust their own opinion of the book. It may not jive with mine.