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  • Zeke on Aug. 15, 2012

    "Zeke", by Wodke Hawkinson, is a dark and thrilling ride. Sue is a young college student who meets Zeke at the bookstore he works in. He's gorgeous and mysterious. Sue can't believe her good fortune that he wants to go out with her. It will soon turn to misfortune as Zeke begins to manipulate her and play mind games. After a number of months of secretive dating he talks her into disappearing with him. When her parents realize she is missing and her car is found abandoned by a cemetery they hire a detective to find her. The detective soon realizes that her life is in danger and the race is on. This is a chilling and very disturbing read. It is not for the faint of heart. The character of Zeke is twisted and evil. The writers did a fabulous job of slowly revealing his deranged personality. Sue was very believable as a young, insecure woman entranced by the handsome stranger. I liked that she did assert herself at times during the course of the story. It is definitely a great read, just be forewarned that it is a dark story of sexual obsession and evil.
  • Shoe Strings on Oct. 11, 2012

    Christy Hayes' "Shoe Strings" is about Angelita Barros, a shoe designer with her own up and coming boutique in Atlanta. Shes about to head off for a tropical vacation when she sees her estranged father lurking about. Instead of the planned trip she ends up hiding out in a small mountain town in North Carolina. Angelita's life rapidly becomes entwined the the town's residents. Cal Bloodworth owns the cabin she rents. His son Jesse takes her breath away. Jesse's ex, Kerri Ann, oddly enough, becomes a friend. While friendships develop her father continues to hound her about a business deal Things do not seem to be quite on the up and up and demands become threats. She must discover the truth behind it and also where her relationship is heading. This is a great chic lit type of story. I liked Angelita's character very much. She had a take charge personality but with a softer, vulnerable side. Jesse's character was also done well. He initially comes off as a ladies man but then acquires more depth. I did think the character of Kerri Ann was a little weak. It's hard to imagine that someone once so popular would be so insecure and blind to her friend's feelings. That's just my opinion though. Definitely give it a read.
  • Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) on Nov. 10, 2012
    (no rating)
    "Shadow Slayer" is Book 2 of Laura A. H. Elliott's Shadow Series and it does not disappoint. We First met Roxie in "Thirteen on Halloween" when she astral-projected to Planet Popular. Now she's a high school freshman just trying to fit in to the new environment of high school. She still wants to go back to Planet Popular to discover the mystery of the map; but, it seems that all is not right on Planet Earth. Her friends are acting strange and her "perfect ten" boyfriend, Drew, is almost to good to be true. The shadows from Planet Popular want to be human more than anything and they are trying to take over Roxie's classmates. It will be up to her to slay the shadow on her 14th birthday - Halloween. I love Roxie's character. She's matured since the last book but is still caught up in all the drama of starting high school and trying to fit in. Elliott has made her a very believable young woman that anyone can relate to. The mystery of what is happening to her classmates is well developed. This is a very engaging YA series and I can't wait to find out what happens to Roxie next!