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Leslie Siegel has released a new book The Kurse of Miss Kane another excellent novel she has started writing about her past which is riddled with many "pointers" saying the Kurse of Kane (who killed Abel in the Bible) is upon her, but it may not be about her, though she as the oldest daughter. Of course, curses befall many families and it may have ignited when some sort of debauchery whether that be black market, religious or even political, was done by a family member before the birth of the oldest daughter. The dark true story she tells will be stark and disturbing all the way to the end, but riveting in it's wording, truth and almost have a sheer nakedness to it. Here is a first paragraph in first draft (so forgive it's pandry): "I'm not really sure when the Kurse of Miss Kane started it's song, but what I can recall is that I was about to be born out of the four children, the only child to be born with mother not having any sedation whatsoever. They could not put her because her water had broken in the middle of the night and she was rushed by taxi, actually someone said by a big black limo, the the nearby hospital, but by the time they rolled up to the hospital, my head was showing. It was like a door of opportunity for me to pass through quickly, the way I was supposed to0, but it was somehow delayed, due to The Kurse of Kane that I felt now and then, even as a newborn. After a very fast shocking birth by mother, the very next day she contracted a horrid poisonous Staph infection that came out of the blue, most probably from the quickly done birth of me of her oldest daughter. I was immediately separated from her and taken by father, who whisked me away quickly, seeming to be bent on not having me sick too. And he didn't want to be ill either, he was that sort of guy. A bit of a Germaphobic. Another problem, the oldest daughter's fingers inherited from her mother's side (grandma and Uncle had it, but in different forms, mostly knuckles on fingers were doubled up) were so well placed. But for me they were NOT doubled up, but a "single" new type of knuckle on each hand, with 8 missing on the fingers for sure, and with me, it was obvious, apparent, and not easily hidable, as some other defect, mental or otherwise. The book is interesting and the reader falls right in to it. Look for it in Lulu.com where Miss Siegel has 4 other selling books of many types and topics. Leslie Siegel Novelist and Blogger has the experience of storytelling and a general know-how and "been around that before attitude" to write what people want, and this novel is not for the faint of heart. It is true and drills you with emotion and truthful horror and trauma of an upbringing that would seem serene and normal on the surface of opulence. You must give it a chance. As it comes out, you will be able to sample it on SMASHWORDS.com and other Kindles and Readers!

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