K.C. Grim


It was an unexpected event that turned K.C. Grim into a writer. At age eight, when mean old Uncle Gail ate all the peaches, he took to paper and pen, twisting a charming tale of the mysterious disappearance. It was a short story, yet it enthralled his family and K.C. never forgot that feeling when people enjoyed something he created.

Young and still learning how to make his character come to life, one night he found his grandmother’s Tarot cards and was suddenly hooked with mystical realms of fantasy. It was the ultimate escape to exciting new worlds.
K.C. was captivated by science fiction and fantasy, and it wasn’t until meeting Robert, the love of his life that he took a chance and started to craft erotic romance, so steamy that it melts the ink right off the pages.

Now, living in the wild and wonderful mountains of West Virginia, K.C. juggles his time between his wonderful family and his passion for writing. If he’s not pounding away on his laptop, then he’s outside enjoying the amazing views of the forest and splendors of nature.


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