Smashwords book reviews by CherubsLibrary

  • Torn Between Two Brothers on May 15, 2011

    I found Torn Between Two Brothers to be an incredibly hot, sensual, and sexy story!! It is a quick, easy read and you will want to re-read some scenes several times! This tastefully written, multiple partner story, flowed seamlessly. Contemporary erotic romance readers will love this book.
  • His Wicked Revenge on June 08, 2011

    The hero (Captain Anthony Barnet) was wronged by the heroine’s (Marissa Paget) family and sent away – beaten, penniless, and in shame. For thirteen years, Anthony has planned his revenge upon Marissa and her family. Only when he returns, as a very wealthy man, to extract this revenge, he finds that things are not always as they seem. When he finally listens to Marissa, he learns of the events from her perspective and what she has had to do in order to survive. They come to realize that the love and passion they had for each other all those years ago is still alive. Can this rekindled love continue to grow once Anthony is aware of Marissa’s secret? His Wicked Revenge is a lovely short story that was an enjoyable read. Recommended for all those who enjoy Regency Romance.
  • Cover Story on Oct. 20, 2011

    You know those book covers with the really hot looking guys and the beautiful women? Have you ever fantasized about being that woman? Well, Cate Roberts gets to live out that fantasy when her younger sister Zoe talks her into posing for the cover of her new book – Four Seasons - as Cassandra, the heroine. Bo Gaddis, the current romance novel cover heartthrob is going to be posing as Lucas, the hero of the story. Cover Story is a tastefully written and incredibly hot story that has you turning the pages to find out where the fantasy takes Cate. It is very sensual and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You’ll find yourself wanting to read it again – preferably with a partner nearby! Fans of contemporary erotic romance are going to love this one.