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Self-taught artist, author, and lecturer/educator with a BS (does this make me a bull shit artist?) in Technical Writing and Editing with minors in Digital Media and History, I have been working on Your Portfolio & You, a series of books aimed at helping artists deal with the business of being an artist.

Existing publications include Accounting for the SMALL Businessperson and How Copyright Applies to the Artist, the Buyer, the Employer/e, the Sold Artwork (the longer the title, the shorter the book!). Soon-to-be-published includes Dealing with Photographs, Slides, Digital Images and Surviving the Outdoor Arts Festival.

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Smashwords book reviews by Kathy Davie

  • The Princess & the Penis on Nov. 18, 2011

    My Take It's a parody of a fairytale of epic proportions---I'd give it a "7" if the ratings went that high. Silver puts all the fun into this fairytale with the innocent, loving, warm, and virginal daughter of the King of Westwich as she explodes the typical fairytale formula while poking fun at the birds and the...er...flies. Crack me up! I love the bit where the Queen is explaining the enormity of the shapes in question and the king starts getting huffy about her never having experienced anything of such a size. Then she starts blathering about how there's different standards of ordinary, and , of course, he doesn't fit within those sorts of standards and… Oh man, the scene where the Queen and the aunts explain the birds and the flies to Amalia. " 'The reason you haven't seen it is because it hangs between a man's legs and is therefore concealed by his garments.' 'Well, most of the time,' said Aunt Ingrid. 'Though they do have a tendency to sneak out whenever they can.' " Silver is a hoot! Then there's the bit about maybe the penis needs a kiss but Aunt Leila cautions her that if you kiss it once, it'll want kisses all the time. The Story Determined to keep his amazing and wonderful daughter chaste, the king has forbidden males in her presence and any discussion that remotely resembles sex or romance. Constantly surrounded by at least four guardsmen with three chaperons, it's a mystery how the princess keeps encountering this lump on her rump. Meanwhile, rumors of this amazing and wonderful princess has spread far and wide and the proposals have been whittled down to one, Prince Rupert. Not your average fairytale prince, although, there is one lurking just under the covers. The Cover I can't get excited about the cover with its childish princess curled up in her bed clutching a green pillow in her pink nightgown although I do like the teeny crown on her head. The title is perfect for indeed this Princess and the Penis are what it's all about.
  • St Viper's School For Super Villains. The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery. on Sep. 28, 2012

    Review source: Author First in the St. Viper’s School for Super Villains fantasy series for children. It revolves around a righteous group of four newbies to the school, determined to succeed yet clashing with the desire to help each other. My Take It was fun to read the other side’s viewpoint! A school for super villains where everyone is encouraged to be as bad as possible. No punishments! Instead you get points for naughtiness. And yet, the four who gang together help each other out. It’s an interesting contrast between the need to be bad and the desire to help. I did enjoy the descriptions of the various students and Donovan had a lot of fun with their interaction—imagine being encouraged to misbehave! Teachers and students make messes, attack each other, and cause mayhem. And they’re rewarded! Great sound effects! It certainly suited the tone of the book. Donovan was consistent throughout in keeping them bad too. A very tricky task. Enjoy the story and laugh with it first. Then use it to get the kids to recognize where the characters are being bad and what they should be doing. The four friends joining up together is a good example of teamwork and support. Although I did love the bit about “Miss Competition”! Certainly the way the teachers acted could be lessons in what is not acceptable in real life. I loved how the kids got back at the bullies! What I could see of the graphics was great and certainly fit the action. However the black-and-white just doesn’t do it justice in a Kindle. It needs to be simpler with greater contrast and somewhat lighter overall to stand out. A few things didn’t make sense. I don’t understand the kids showing up at Chill’s room with the cake and no other plan. Unless that was Donovan’s plan, to have this oops function as a lesson much like Vera Vile and the Simulator. I’m confused…if the kids are returning the Hermes 01 for the reward and Mr. Awesome shows up asking “friend or foe”, why are they trying to get away? I would have liked more of an emphasis on the moral lessons in this. The one in which Demon encouraged Shrink—good leadership there. The only obvious one I remember is what Demon used from his test against the R0K robots. The Story It’s Demon Kid’s first year at St. Viper’s and he’s determined to make his parents proud. It’s Chill and his gang who really get Demon to ramp it up and I’m sure he’ll make his parents very happy. The Characters Demon Kid is determined to make his parents proud of how evil he is. Stacey Stretch has quite a reach. Wolfgang is a young werewolf and Shrink scales up and down depending upon his confidence and mission. Chill, Levitate, Thunderskull, and Dark Owl are the senior class evil bullies whom Demon and his friends take down in their own bid for badness. Mr. Madness is the head of St. Vipers School for Super Villains. Dr. Super Evil teaches World Domination and answers to his mother as to whether he has on clean undies. Vera Vile is in charge of the Super Simulator. Professor Plutonium teaches Sinister Science. Loved the Mr. Awesome superhero and his obsession with his hair and his teeth! General Honeychurch is about to be fooled. How bad is that?! The Cover The cover captures the story perfectly—gleefully evil with its collage of the story’s events and your first introduction to our young anti-heroes. The bright green of the background is a definite indicator of the busy excitement within. The title makes a good introduction to the kids’ boarding school, St. Vipers School for Super Villains, where the plans for The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery are plotted.
  • The House at Cobb End on Jan. 31, 2013
    (no rating)
    This particular short story in the Cassandra Palmer urban fantasy series is about John Pritkin and is set in England outside Stratford-on-Avon sometime in the mid- to late 1800s. Download it for free from Karen Chance's Take a Chance page on her website. My Take Ooh, I do like the sound of the estate agent's book of available houses! Although these days, it would be probably be holographic and life-size, LOL. It's just a little tidy-up with far-reaching repercussions for John. And lets Jonas in on more background information about John than John is comfortable with. It also provides a bit of background on the Fey and death. There are sections which are just so sweet and will make you want to cry. The Story John is about to be married and he needs a house. Only Edwards is decidedly unhelpful. It's a good thing that Marsden is the man he is. The Characters John Pritkin is not human and not wanted in the war mages' barracks. Brigadier General Jonas Marsden is second-in-command of the War Mage Corps and can't see without his glasses. War mages Benedict is a young recruit, and Edwards is in allocation. The Cover The cover is The title is exactly that. The House at Cobb End.